Is Stranger Things Nancy Wheeler Still In High School? No, Nancy Wheeler isn’t still in high school.

In fact, she was working at the Hawkins Post, a newspaper printing media for issuing an independent newspaper of Hawkins, with her boyfriend Jonathon.

The series is mostly set in 1986, and the character Nancy was born in 1967 hence, in the first season, she was 15 or 16 years. As of this season, the character is 18 years already.

Is Stranger Things Nancy Wheeler Still In High School
Nancy Wheeler with her brother Mike and boyfriend Jonathan Byers

She is Ted and Karen Wheeler’s eldest child and elder sister of her younger brother Mike and younger sister Holly. In the spring of 1986, she works as an editor at the Hawkins Post.

When Nancy strove to work hard and do her best from the very first day, she started working at the Hawkins. Yet, surrounded by misogynistic co-workers, she was belittled and mocked by them.

She was determined to receive the approval and recognition from her misogynistic co-workers by going to lengths to be treated respectfully as well as equally by them.

Working late one night at the paper, Wheeler answers a call about diseased rats. She secretly investigates it with Jonathan which leads them to be fired and creates a rift in their relationship.

However, after getting some encouragement from her mother, she picks the story back up. Later she discovers that the rats and Mrs. Driscoll’s strange habits are linked to the Mind Flayer that possessed Will.

Wheeler with her ex-boyfriend Steve Harrington
Wheeler with her ex-boyfriend Steve Harrington

Eventually, the prominent character reconciles with her boyfriend, Jonathan. The two join their brothers Mike and his friends in once again defeating the Mind Flayer.

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