Where Is Matt Lauer Now? What Is He Doing And Is He Returning To TV

Is Matt Lauer Returning To TV After All These Years? Following a claim of “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace,” NBC News’ Matt Lauer was fired from The Today Show. Many people are curious as to what he’s been doing for the previous four years.

After 20 years on the show, Matt Lauer, the former anchor of NBC’s “Today,” was sacked. NBC fired him after complaints of “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace” were filed against him.

Savannah Guthrie delivered the news by reading the staff note confirming Matt’s retirement from the program. Lauer’s life began to fall apart after that.

During an interview with Ad Week, the show’s executive producer, Tom Mazzarelli, expressed his thoughts on Matt’s departure from NBC’s show.

Matt will be remembered as a part of the great program, no matter how poorly things ended between him and the ‘Today’ staff.

Where Is Matt Lauer Now -What Is He Doing?

Matt Lauer, the former host of the Today program, was caught getting fishing supplies from his yacht in the Hamptons in January 2022, where he has been staying since being sacked in November 2017 owing to Nevils’ sexual misconduct accusation.

On October 16, he was also seen getting coffee in the Hamptons. According to sources, Lauer, 61, is keeping a low profile in anticipation of Ronan Farrow’s forthcoming book, which includes an explosive interview with Nevils.

Lauer, who just divorced long-term wife Annette Roque, responded with a lengthy letter stating the contact was “extramarital, but consensual.”

He described the encounter in Sochi as “the first of many sexual interactions between us over the next few months,” him.

Is Matt Lauer Returning To TV After All These Years?
Matt Lauer seen with fishing supplies after four years of getting fired

What Had Happened To Matt Lauer?

Brooke Nevils, a former news colleague of Matt Lauer’s, claims he raped her in a hotel room at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Matt denied the charge leveled against him by Nevils but admitted to having ‘extramarital, but consenting, sexual contact’ with Brooke when asked about it.

Because of Brooke’s allegations against Matt, NBC broke connections with him. He then returned to the Hamptons.

“People have had plenty of time to lay out the welcome mat,” a close insider told OK Magazine, “but it appears like they’ve slammed their doors on Matt forever!”

Even though Lauer’s career appeared to be finished at the time, the controversy surrounding him intensified in 2019 when his accuser.

Nevils recounted how the anchor raped her in Ronan Farrow’s book, Catch and Kill. Lauer flatly refuted the charges.

Matt Lauer captured with his long time friend Shamin Abas
Matt Lauer captured with his long time friend Shamin Abas

Is Matt Lauer Returning To TV After All These Years?

Matt Lauer has been spotted at restaurants and events in the Hamptons, most recently on August 30, 2021, when he and his ex-wife were both there at the same event.

Locals have described him as someone who prefers to keep a low profile. Many harassers who were implicated in the #MeToo movement have sought to apologize.

While there are no official reports that Lauer would return to television, he is alleged to have told fans in August 2018 that “don’t worry, I’ll be back on TV.”

There were also rumors that Lauer was seeking a new home at CNN after being seen at the birthday celebration of CNN network president Jeff Zucker.