Alicia Acuna Son: Who Is Mario Acuna? Husband Brian Daniel Boyd And Family

Find out “Alicia Acuna Son: Who Is Mario Acuna?” There is a need for citizens to be aware of Alicia Acuna Son. They want to know what is going on.

The Denver bureau of FOX News Channel (FNC) employs Alicia Acuna as a Senior Correspondent.

On FOX News Channel’s Big Saturday Show and Big Sunday Show, she often fills in for other FOX News Live presenters.

As her son left the Denver school shooting site, Alicia Acuna hugged him on camera.

For Alicia, her son’s safety means the world to her. Therefore, her video of hugging her son went viral as it was an emotional reunion between a mother and a child.

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Alicia Acuna Son: Who Is Mario Acuna?

A video of Mario Acuna and Alicia Acuna has recently been circulating on the internet.

The mother of a Fox News correspondent gave her son a public hug as he left the Denver high school where a shooting took place on Wednesday.

In the region, police are searching for a teenager suspected of shooting two school officials while they were being patted down.

There were two managers taken to the hospital, one of whom was in surgery and in a critical but stable condition.

According to the police, the student was shot multiple times with a handgun. Two of the three Acuna children have already graduated from the school.

Alicia Acuna Son
Fox News reporter hugs her son on air after he comes out of school shooting. (Source: CNN)

Acuna claimed her cousin was texting her mother while hiding in a closet.
She claimed to have questioned the school’s headmaster about the “safety plan” that the accused shooter was a part of, which called for daily checks of him before classes started.

According to the journalist, many parents, including her own, were unaware that a pupil at their children’s school required routine pat-downs.

She asserted that the superintendent said that to safeguard the student’s privacy, the other parents were not informed of the safety strategy. When Sandra Smith, co-anchoring coverage of the assault, saw her son, she informed Acuna that she could take a break if necessary.

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Alicia Acuna Husband, Brian Daniel Boyd And Family

Alicia Acuna’s husband’s name is Brian Daniel Boyd.

Brian Daniel Boyd and Alicia exchanged their vows in April 2004. The couple is happy in their union and has been there for one another through thick and thin.

Her husband, Brian, previously battled cancer but is now cancer-free. Alicia posted a picture honoring Brian’s 10-year journey without illness on May 6, 2019.

Alicia gave birth to Sofia Acuna, a girl, in April 2004. Sofia was Alicia’s first child. She gave birth to their son Mario Acuna in September 2006.

Acuna is also the proud mother of three more stepchildren, Aidan Boyd, Noah, and Daniel. They are currently located in Pueblo, Colorado.

Alicia Acuna Son
Fox News reporter Alicia Acuna with her husband. (Source: GB)

Their two dogs go by the titles of Scout and Henry.

Talking about her early family life, Alicia Acuna was born in Whittier, California, on April 27, 1970. She spent most of her early years in Southern Arizona and California.

She is a third-generation Mexican American. Her parents both self-identify as Chicano. Alicia’s parents divorced when she was thirteen years old. After they divorced, her father relocated to San Diego.

Acuna’s vacations and holidays were spent at California’s beaches with her father.

She posted a picture of her father and the tragic news that he had been diagnosed with cancer during an operation on Instagram on March 17, 2020.

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