Cassidy Hutchinson Parents: Who Are They? Assistant's Bombshell Jan 6 Hearings Testimony

Let’s find out about “Cassidy Hutchinson Parents” Cassidy Hutchinson keeps her personal affairs hidden. However, since she made an astonishing discovery regarding the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, many people have been curious about who her parents are.

Tuesday’s unexpected session with the House select committee will feature public testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson, a former Mark Meadows assistant.

Cassidy Hutchinson Parents: Who Are They? Assistant's Bombshell Jan 6 Hearings Testimony

She previously disclosed the names of legislators and attorneys who frequently got together during the election to challenge voters in a number of the places Trump won.

People are now inquisitive about her family and parents after she made some surprising revelations last week, but her testimony is likely to intensify threats against her and her family. She has kept her parents’ identities a secret as a result.

Who Are Cassidy Hutchinson Parents?

Cassidy Hutchinson worked as former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ assistant. She was the president’s special assistant for legislative affairs during Trumps’administration.

According to The Focus, she completed her undergraduate studies in political science and American studies in Virginia’s Newport News at Christopher Newport University.

Later, she worked as an intern at the White House while being a student at Christopher Newport. She graduated in 2018 while also interning at the White House.

Cassidy Hutchinson Parents
Citizens Compliment Cassidy Hutchinson For Her Bravery ( Source : Twitter )

Between 2015 through 2018, she worked as an intern for Ted Cruz and Steve Scalise. But she worked with the Office of Legislative Affairs before her senior year at Christopher Newport. She used to write public messages, speak with legislators, and help at events.

From March 2020 through January 2021, she served as Mark Meadows’ executive assistant. Despite her young age, she has helped in several positions in the White House.

While her academic and professional background information is readily available, she remains quiet about her family and parents.

Cassidy Hutchinson Testimony In Jan 6 Hearings

Previously, Cassidy Hutchinson informed the panel that she knew about discussions between Trump and Meadows because she frequently attended their meetings. Moreover, in a video testimony from last week, the former Meadows assistant claimed that GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz had been requesting a pardon from the White House since “early December,” reports USA Today. 

She added that Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert, Mo Brooks, and Scott Perry had done the same. However, later, each member listed by name denied the accusations.

Before her testimony, she also claimed that Meadows had been informed of intelligence reports that indicated possible violence on Jan 6. She also told the committee that Meadows had destroyed several documents in his office during a meeting with Rep. Scott Perry, but it is unclear what those records were.

Following these testimonies and revelations, the House Committee investigating the Jan 6 incident abruptly set up a hearing on Tuesday. However, they did not reveal if there would be other witnesses.

Cassidy Hutchinson Family Details To Follow

Cassidy Hutchinson remains confidential about her family life. However, she has completed her education and worked in several Whitehouse positions until 2021.

However, it is yet to be known if she has a love interest or is already married. Her family details are rarely shared on the internet.

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