Does Blueface Girlfriend Chrisean Rock Have A New Tooth With His Face On It?

Let’s find out “Does Blueface Girlfriend Chrisean Rock Have A New Tooth With His Face On It?” Fans are intrigued by Chrisean Rock’s relationship with Blueface as she just unveiled a brand-new front tooth after going an entire year with one that had been knocked out in a fight with Blueface’s ex-girlfriend.

Chrisean, the eleventh of twelve children, was born and reared in Baltimore and moved about the city’s many areas. Although she presently resides in Los Angeles, she will always have a particular place in her heart for Baltimore.

Chrisean Rock Fixed Tooth-Gap With New Tooth With Blueface’s On It

As mentioned on Bossip, last year, Chrisean got into a fist fight with Blueface’s ex-girlfriend and baby mother, Jaidyn, and lost one of her front teeth during the battle creating a gap in her tooth. After losing her teeth, she consulted her dentist to fill her teeth gap, who told her to heal before considering filling the gap.

Does Blueface Girlfriend Chrisean Rock Have A New Tooth With His Face On It?
Chrisean Rock Gets A New Teetth With Blueface’s Face On It ( Source : Townsquare )

For those who have been following the social media star Christean, you might well know that she had a front teeth gap for about two years due to a fist fight with Blueface’s ex-girlfriend. Now Chrisean fixed her front teeth with a face of Blueface.

The story of the social media model, her personality, and her missing tooth never seems to end. She recently shared a video showing her replacement tooth with a vivid image of her boyfriend Blueface’s face.

Chrisean Rock: Her Ex-Not-Ex-Boyfriend Blueface Is Having Baby With Jaidyn Alexis

The social media influencer Chrisean has been a topic of discussion lately because of her multiple front tooth drama making headlines almost weekly with her devotion to Blueface, a celebrity rapper.

Before the pandemic, rapper Blueface hosted an OnlyFans reality show, Blue Girls Club, a reality series where several ladies lived in his house for a month straight. Chrisean was one of the ladies in his house who participated in different challenges, fought, and partied together.

BLueface And Jaidyn Alexis Are Expecting Another Child
BLueface And Jaidyn Alexis Are Expecting Another Child ( Source : Thirstyfornews )

Soon after, the influencer began to possess her love for rapper Blueface, who announced that Chrisean would be singing for his record label in 2020. The pair released her first single, Lonely, on Youtube and gained over 1.2 million views.

After the events in 2020, things started to get messy between Chrisean, Blueface, and Jaidyn Alexis, who is now expecting another child with Blueface. Chrisean got her front tooth knocked up in an altercation with Alexis.

Here’s How Chrisean Rock Missed Her Tooth

During the wild web series Blue Girl Club, an altercation between Jaidyn Alexis -the raper’s former girlfriend who is expecting another child with the rapper, and Christean leaving Christean’s front tooth knocked up after the influencer hit her tooth on a surface. According to the shade room, fans wondered if Chrisean would ever replace the teeth as she showed little to no interest in repairs. 

Chrisean even came on social media explaining that Blueface had already paid for her teeth replacement and claimed she was procrastinating in fixing the teeth. She did not correct her tooth for more than a year, and recently she surfaced on the internet after restoring a prosthetic tooth with a rapper’s face painted on it.

The rapper surfaced on the internet saying that he and Rock had an agreement, and she did not hold up her end of the bargain. He also added that the relationship is simple, and they are still vibing.

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