Experts Discuss The Best New Trends For Interior Design In 2022

Let’s find out “Experts Discuss The Best New Trends For Interior Design In 2022” While it may be true that house price growth has been slowing down, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to continue working on the home of your dreams.

Homeowners are increasingly fascinated by interior design and finding new ways to brighten up their living spaces. As well, many trends can increase the worth of your home down the line, so it never hurts to start now.

Experts Discuss The Best New Trends For Interior Design In 2022
Experts Discuss The Best New Trends For Interior Design In 2022 | Credit: Image Source | katemangostar

Summer is often the time that homeowners love to start new interior design projects, as this is the moment of new beginnings and every possibility feels within reach.

Regardless of whether it’s a new rug, kitchen shelves, or a modern piece of tech for the living room, experts are providing countless great ideas for homeowners to improve their house and be part of must-know trends for 2022.

Sticking with natural materials

Forget any plastic or metal, as wood, stone, and particularly bamboo are all materials that are far more pleasing to the eye. Items made out of natural materials rarely go out of style and continue to serve their function for many years if kept in good shape.

A wooden coffee table, wicker baskets, and marble shelves, for instance, are not only trending right now, but bringing the outside in is a continual theme that many design experts are embracing. Adding a lot of greenery also helps to include nature into your home.

Going with a minimalist look

When in doubt, keep it simple. It’s easy to go over-the-top with regard to your interior design ideas, but things can get quickly out of hand when you keep adding new statement pieces and switching the wall colours every few months.

Minimalism is always on-trend and this option is far more likely to be pleasing to the eye in five years. “A minimalistic style compliments the first trend of natural materials perfectly, both working in complete harmony with one another,” says James Waylett from Jacobs & Dalton, a luxury online sheepskin retailer.

Putting unsightly things out of the way with cupboards helps keep things austere, but only having the absolute necessities in a living room, for example, ensures that the eyes aren’t wandering from piece to piece in what’s called a “busy” room. Minimalism can also extend to the wall colours, such as plain white or light blue or green.

The notion of keeping things simple yet practical can be included in entertainment as well, because a TV floor stand is a perfect idea to remove any large cabinets that seem to take up much of the room. These stands can also be picked up and moved for times when a television isn’t needed.

Colour bursts

Sometimes you don’t need to make it look like a rainbow is in your home, but use splashes of well-placed colour instead. A bright red armchair, sea-blue lampshade, or even an exotic rug all fall under the idea of colour bursts.

These are really noticeable for guests and always a talking point, as bold design choices on one specific item in the room are often more exciting than a vibrant area that can be an eyesore if you’re not cautious.

Botanical patterns

A lot of people love the notion of exotic plants in their homes, but many of these are difficult to take care of if you don’t have much of a green thumb, or away on holiday several times a year.

This is why experts are suggesting a botanical theme, rather than plant life itself. Whether it’s cushions, wallpaper, or even a bedding set to add a splash of colour and fun to your home, botanical-themed designs are a must-have this year and beyond.

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