How Did Ken Doherty Get The Scar On His Face? What Happened To Him? Cheek Mark Explained

How Did Ken Doherty Get The Scar On His Face? An unintentional fall left Ken Doherty with many scars on his face. Let’s see what else we can find down there.

Ken Doherty is a snooker player from Ireland.

How Did Ken Doherty Get The Scar On His Face? What Happened To Him? Cheek Mark Explained

He is most known for winning the World Snooker Championship in 1997, and he has received a lot of attention in his career since then.

Ken is one of the snooker legends who shared his snooker enthusiasm after defeating Stephen Hendry in 1997 and following an accident in 2002. Before the accident, he had also spoken to the media about his love for Manchester United and his plans to retire.


How Did Ken Doherty Get The Scar On His Face? What Happened To Him? Cheek Mark Explained

Ken Doherty got his first scar on his face on his seventh birthday as a result of an accident. 

It happened after he fell off a shed roof onto a metal dustbin when he was aged seven. Thus, he was cut in his face(cheek) and even broke his arm in three places from the fall, which led him to lose consciousness at that time.

He was immediately brought to a hospital but he was referred to another children’s hospital in Harcourt Street after they decided that he should get treatment from the referred medical institution.

But, the delay in getting me from one hospital to the other was an apparent reason that caused him to have a noticeable scar. Though it left him a scar, he has mentioned that he never felt bothered by it at all and has already been long used to it.

As per The Free Library, he got another injury when he tripped and fell into an ornament which stabbed him in the eye at the age of 40. Actually, when he was on his way upstairs to the toilet, he slipped and fell onto the top of the cistern. But, the unfortunate part is he fell above the ornament there, which had a sharp end on it. And, the consequence was it harmed his eye and pierced his eyelid, just below his brow.

Ken Doherty’s physical appearance and the way he looks never made him feel low about himself. So, even when his manager suggested him to undergo plastic surgeries, he never had a go at it and even rejected the idea saying that his scar makes him look quite distinctive. And, he feels that the scar also provides him with another reason why people should remember him.

Meet Ken Doherty Wife And Children 

Ken Doherty has been married to his India-born wife Sarah Doherty for over years now.

His wife serves as a consultant psychiatrist by profession and they share a teenage son called Christian, who was born in 2007. He even revealed in the Independent that his young son Christian dreams of following his footprints and being involved in the sports in future. 

The junior Doherty Christain developed his dad’s passion for sports, not in snooker, but in tennis.

How Rich Is Ken Doherty, Net Worth In 2022? 

Ken Doherty has a net worth probably in millions in 2022.

The site called Buzz Learn roughly estimated his accumulated earnings in between $1 million to $8 million. Obviously, from his wins and prize money in snooker, he collected such a hefty amount. 


Where Is Ken Doherty Now?  

Ken Doherty is still engaged in the snooker field and can be seen making his appearance in such mega-events.

Recently, he was spotted at the Crucible Sheffield Snooker world championships and could be seen having commentary duties with other snooker legends. In April, the black-tie event was also held to celebrate his 25th anniversary.

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