Did Spencer Haywood Intend To Kill Paul Westhead? Some rumors say Spencer Haywood wanted to kill Paul Westhead. The words circulated in the ninth episode of HBO’s Winning Time. 

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty is a new HBO drama series that covers both the professional and personal life of the Los Angeles Lakers players in the 1980s. They were one of the most beloved and dominant teams. Spencer Haywood came into the spotlight after the release of episode nine of the show.

Did Spencer Haywood Intend To Kill Paul Westhead? Explore His Drug Addiction Problem

According to the show, the athlete has intended to take down the whole lakers team as they voted him out of the team. But people wonder if it was fabricated or if that is what happened.

Did Spencer Haywood Intend To Kill Paul Westhead?

Spencer Haywood’s intention of Killing Paul Westhead was revealed after episode nine of HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise of Lakers Dynasty was released. According to Hitc, Paul Westhead suspended the athlete, which triggered Haywood to hire some Detroit gangsters to assassinate his coach.

This week’s #WinningTime fact check from @JacobRude covers some of the more dramatic moments from last episode, including:

-Did Spencer Haywood really get kicked off the Lakers for drug use?
-How true was THAT ending?
-More McKinney vs. Westhead drama. https://t.co/UAIUJLg6r1

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The athlete Spencer aka Wood Harris, turns into drugs in episode 8 of the series in the show. Following episode 9, Haywood develops a cocaine addiction, which his teammates are unaware of.

Spencer Haywood Made A Hit On The Lakers

Spencer Haywood made a hit on his team lakers, as he was voted out, which made him feel betrayed. However, as mentioned on the site, everything portrayed on the show is not what has happened in real life.

Not Spencer Haywood putting a hit out on the lakers lmaoooo

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As shown in an episode, Abdul-Jabbar informed Haywood that he would not be allowed to play in the finals. He felt betrayed, and we watched him planning an attack on his teammates with a drug dealer.

Thus, people believed that he had made a hit over the Lakers, which was just fabricated to make the show much more entertaining.

Does Spencer Haywood Have Drug Addiction Problem?

Spencer Haywood had a drug addiction problem in the days, which led him to lose his chance to compete in the finals. He was suspended but not cut off from the team because he was found sleeping during the practice. But after his suspension, he made it out of addiction.

As the Showtime Lakers experienced great success, forward Spencer Haywood was spiraling downward, as shown in the latest episode of “Winning Time,” which showcased his drug issues and a very real murder plot. @LakersSBN https://t.co/MRf9gQnCmM

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According to Seattleimes, his drug use prompted the NBA to create an anti-drug policy. Additionally, he got removed from the Lakers during the postseason. They did not let him receive his championship money or ring until he was declared sober six years later. Likewise, during the 1980-81 season, he was banned from the league when he was playing in Italy.