Is Harrison Hstikkytokky Sullivan Dad In Rugby? Age And height: How Old Tall Is The British fitness influencer? 

Is Harrison Hstikkytokky Sullivan Dad In Rugby? According to rumors, Hstikkytokky’s father is famed Welsh rugby league star Clive Anthony Sullivan. Let’s see if the rumors are real or if they are completely fake.

If you’re a fitness buff, you’ve probably heard of Hstikkytokky, and if you haven’t, you’ve most likely seen him on social media.

Is Harrison Hstikkytokky Sullivan Dad In Rugby? Age And height: How Old Tall Is The British fitness influencer? 

Hstikkytokky, whose real name is Harrison Sullivan, is a fitness influencer who has recently earned a large following thanks to his TikTok videos.


Is Harrison Hstikkytokky Sullivan Dad In Rugby? 

There is no evidence that indicates that Harrison Hstikkytokky Sullivan’s dad is in rugby. Recently, rumors spread that legendary rugby player Clive Sullivan is the influencers’ father. 

However, no official confirmation has been provided. The speculation began because of their surname and body structure similarities.

There is no mention of Clive Sullivan having a son named Harrison on the internet. Only Anthony Sullivan has been mentioned on the internet as the legendary athlete’s son.

Although Harrison has yet to share any intel on his dad, he is very open about his mom and his dear granddad. Hstikkytokky never fails to complement his family on each and every occasion. 

Hstikkytokky Age And height: How Old Tall Is The British fitness influencer?

Harrison Hstikkytokky Sullivan is currently 20 years old. He was born on the 6th of October 2001. On the other hand, the British fitness influencer has an estimated height of 6 feet 1 inch. 

 It is believed that Hstikkytokky was born and raised in Essex, London. However, he is currently based in Dubai.  

Although the influencer is only 20, he appears to be much more mature than his age, both physically and mentally.

Does Hstikkytokky Have A Girlfriend? 

Without a doubt, millions of girls would kill to be Hstikkytokkys’ girlfriend, given his physique and appearance. 


Maybe that’s the reason why the handsome hunk has not revealed his lover up until the present time. 

Hstikkytokky seems to be a very reserved lad when it comes to his love life. But when it came to his family life, he couldn’t stop sharing about it.


Hstikkytokky Wikipedia Explored

Hstikkytokky was already well-known among fitness enthusiasts. He runs an online platform called HBD Fitness where he sells his own diet and workout plans.

Hstikkytokky has not revealed much about his personal life and is not listed on Wikipedia. Here are some facts about him, however.



The influencer began his fitness journey four years ago. He began developing his muscles at the age of 16, and by the age of 19, he had drastically transformed his body.

Hstikkytokky is pursuing a career in fitness while also furthering his education. He is currently enrolled at the University of Birmingham.


Hstikkytokky Net Worth Details In 2022 


Hstikkytokky has an estimated net worth of around $350,000. 

The fitness influencers have successful online businesses. He has thousands of customers and sells his fitness plans for around $20.

On top of that, there is no doubt that he cashes in a decent amount by collaborating with different fitness brands. 

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