Who Is Jeff Zausch Wife Erin Munoz? Net Worth 2022 – Ex Gabrielle Zausch Divorce


Is Jeff Zausch Married To Erin Munoz? With the renewed interest in Naked And Afraid XL, fans have taken a keen interest in Jeff Zausch’s personal life. Let’s look at the story in more detail to understand more about his relationship status.

A sick person with a fever To lower his dangerously high body temperature, Jeff Zausch spent hours immersed in a creek in the Philippine rainforest. He has already spent 21 days in the Madagascar desert and 40 days in the Colombian jungle on three occasions in the series.

Is Jeff Zausch Married To Erin Munoz? Wife And Net Worth 2022 - Ex Gabrielle Zausch Divorce

In September, he debuted the show on his own, with Zerra, who had previously appeared in the series. Then, 20 days later, 12 more people joined the fray to complete their 40-day journeys.


Is Jeff Zausch Married To Erin Munoz, Who Is She? 

Jeff Zausch isn’t shy about discussing his personal life, including his relationship status. Erin Munoz is the woman he is now dating.

Erin is not a well-known figure in the media, thus there isn’t much further to learn about her. Jeff, on the other hand, posts photos of them with his dog on his Instagram account daily.

According to Zausch’s Instagram, the couple started dating in 2017. The GIS professional uploaded a picture with her in June 2018 and added the wrote the young lady still gives him butterflies a year later.

The post was followed by comments inquiring when they were getting married, but he did not respond. The couple also spent their 2019 Valentine’s Day outside, thanks to a surprise from Zausch: a shooting session with lions. They finished off the day with a romantic meal.

Jeff Zausch And Gabrielle Zausch Divorce

After years of dating, Jeff married Gabrielle Zausch, his longtime lover. The reality TV star is tight-lipped about his previous failed marriage, making it tough to get details.

Gabrielle Zausch has been his wife since 2013, according to his IMDb bio. The now-divorced couple married in 2013, but they had only been dating for two years before deciding to split up.

Between the two of them, there were no children. Zausch is currently based in the city of Pocatello, Idaho.

Jeff Zausch Net Worth Explored

It is realistic to presume that Jeff Zausch has amassed significant money based on his previous achievements. His net worth has never been revealed, however, trustworthy sources indicate that he is worth USD 300,000.

After taking life-threatening risks and suffering, the competent received $5000 every episode in Naked and Afraid XL. He is a seasoned survivor who understands how to exploit the environment to his advantage.

Jeff is a certified expert at making primitive fires, building shelters, finding water, and primitive hunting.

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