John Michalski Wife: What Happened To Supreme Court Judge? Was Suicide Linked To His Death

John Michalski Wife: What Happened To Supreme Court Judge? After officials stormed his residence, Supreme Court Judge John Michalski hanged himself. Please read this article in its entirety to fully comprehend it.

Judge John Michalski of the New York State Supreme Court was discovered dead at his home in Amherst, New York, on Tuesday.

John Michalski Wife: What Happened To Supreme Court Judge? Was Suicide Linked To His Death

Michalski’s close friend Terry Connors confirmed the judge’s death soon before noon on Tuesday, according to reports. He went on to say that in the Western New York legal environment, finding someone like him who was respectful would be difficult.

The authorities were unable to disclose information on Justice Michalski’s death as of late Tuesday. The state court system’s spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

Supreme Court Judge John Michalski, Suicide Linked To His Cause Of Death

As per several internet sources, Judge John Michalski committed suicide after his home was raided by law enforcement authorities last month.

One of his lawyers stated, Supreme Court judge John Michalski whose place was searched by the police against the backdrop of the federal prosecution of one of his ex-clients murdered himself on Tuesday.

Michalski’s attorney Terrence M. Connors said he was informed about the tragedy through a phone call late Tuesday morning and has been with the Judge’s family since.

A New York State Judge, Michalski was badly injured following a railway accident in February 2021. He was admitted to the hospital with a dislocated kneecap for more than a week.

John Michalski’s Wife Susan: Everything To Know About Her

John Michalski encountered his wife, Susan, at SUNY Oswego. The pair soon tied the knot with each other after his graduation from the UB law school.

Michalski’s wife Susan is a native of Long Island. The Michalski couple were happily married for the last 34 years. They are said to have four children i.e. a son and three daughters.

As per the investigation, attorney Anthony J. Lana admitted that the authorities detached papers relate to the judge’s wife, Susan, who owns a modest internet business.

Terry Connors mentioned John Michalski and his spouse, Susan, were acknowledging with investigators as multiple companies sent detectives to their Amherst home to perform a search in March.

Supreme Court Judge John Michalski’s Net Worth In 2022

At present, we don’t have sufficient data on John Michalski’s net worth as of 2022. Still, his estimated annual income is in the range of $1million to $3million at the time of his death.

John Michalski was appointed as acting justice of the Eri County Supreme Court in the Eighth Judicial District of New York. Considering his career in the field, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume, he had banked annual worth in the millions.

In 2003, Michalski advanced for an Erie County Family Court judgeship during the 2013 Republican ticket but was unable. Later, he was named for the State Supreme Court justice but he lost the election. Thereafter, he was appointed to the court of appeals.

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