Oliver Sykes Wife Alissa Salls: Who Is She? Age, Instagram, And Meet Her Family


Lets take a look at “Oliver Sykes Wife Alissa Salls” Alissa Salls, commonly known as Alissic, is a well-known pop singer, model, and social media personality from Brazil.

Alissa gained fame in the fashion industry by showcasing her exceptional beauty and talents, primarily in Ford Models Brazil. She is best recognized for being the wife of Oliver Scott Sykes, a well-known singer, composer, and lead singer of the well-known rock band “Bring Me The Horizon.”

Learn more about the age, Instagram, and relationship of Alissa Salls with Oliver Sykes.

Meet Alissa Salls’s Family and Her Age

Alissa Salls will turn 25 on November.
Alissa Salls will turn 25 on November. ( Source : famousfacewiki )

Alissa Salls was born in Sapucai, Sao Paulo, Brazil, on November 3, 1997. As of 2022, she will turn 25 years on November.

No information regarding her educational details and family life is available. However, per the reports, she has an elder sister called Elle. Elle has an Instagram account under the username @ellesalls and has 25.8K followers.

Oliver Sykes Wife Alissa Salls: Who Is She?Explore Professional career

Alissa was interested in modelling from a very early age.
Alissa was interested in modelling from a very early age. ( Source : thefactninja )

From a young age, Alissa Salls was interested in the world of fashion and modeling. Thus, she began her career in the modeling business at 15.

Alissa’s style inspiration comes from 1990s music, fashion, and people’s behavior, and some of her model influences are Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne. She immediately came to prominence after signing with Ford Models Brazil.

Later, she understood modeling wasn’t the path she wanted to go. Nevertheless, she traveled the globe and made many friends through modeling. But eventually, she understood that she needed to take action that would allow her to be creative.

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She then started composing and making appealing alt-pop songs instead of just posing for the camera. She got assistance from her husband, Oliver, to develop her visuals for directing and editing.

Then, in 2020, she released her first track, “Like,” via her YouTube account, “Allisic.” After a few months, the song prompted her to get a major label deal with the Ministry of Sound. Soon after, she issued several singles, including Piano, Superstitious, and Everyone’s Dead Inside. Her most recent track, “Bugfood,” was just released.

In addition, she has modeled for her husband’s clothing business, Dropdead, based in the United Kingdom.

Explore Alissa Salls’ social media accounts

Alissa Salls post on her Instagram account.
Alissa Salls post on her Instagram account. ( Source : instagram )

Alissa is active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Salls is best known for her vintage Instagram account, which goes by the username @alissic and has 395K followers. She also has a Twitter account with the username @alissicofficial with 16K followers and a TikTok profile with the username @alissicofficial with 280.7K followers with 4.8 million likes.

Similarly, she has a YouTube channel with 31K subscribers named “Alissic.”

When did Alissa married Oliver Sykes?

Alissa Salls with her husband, singer, and songwriter Oliver Sykes.
Alissa Salls with her husband, singer, and songwriter Oliver Sykes. ( Source : nickiswift )

Alissa married the lead singer of “Bring Me The Horizon,” Oliver Sykes, in 2017. They started dating in 2016, and after a year, they married.

Even after five years of marriage, the couple is still going strong and enjoying their married life. According to the NME, Alissa and Oliver met while shooting the Drop Dead clothing promo. Oliver even wrote a song called “Mother Tongue” for the album “Amo,” which explores the feeling of falling in love with Alissa.

Sykes explained that when he first met Alissa, her English wasn’t fluent; however, they had a strong connection, and the song was about those experiences.

In addition, Alissa is Oliver’s second wife, and Hannah Pixie Snowdon is his first one, with whom he married in 2015.

Here Are Frequently Asked Questions

Oliver Sykes Wife Alissa Salls
Alissa Salls has won a gold medal in street style. ( Source : discogs )

Let’s learn some frequently asked questions about Alissa.

Who is Alissa Sall’s husband?

Alissa is currently married to the lead vocalist of “Bring Me The Horizon,” Oliver Sykes.

How old is Alissa Salls?

Salls will turn 25 this year in November.

What Award Has Alissa Salls Won?

She has won a gold medal in Street Style.

Where is Alissa from?

She is from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Full Name Alissa Salls
Nickname Alissic
Birth Date November 3, 1997
Birthplace Sapucai, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality Brazilian
Parents Unknown
Siblings Elle Salls
Marital Status Married
Spouse Oliver Scott Sykes

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