Photos Of Tatiana Schlossberg With Her Baby Goes Viral: Grandma Caroline Kennedy Happy To See First Grandchild

Photos Of Tatiana Schlossberg With Her Baby Goes Viral: Last week, Tatiana Schlossberg was sighted in New York City with her newborn child. Her photos of herself cuddling the baby have gone viral.

Tatiana Schlossberg is John F. Kennedy’s granddaughter. She is, nevertheless, a successful journalist and novelist in her own right.

Photos Of Tatiana Schlossberg With Her Baby Goes Viral: Grandma Caroline Kennedy Happy To See First Grandchild

The 31-year-old has previously worked as a reporter for The New York Times and The Atlantic, where she covered environmental issues. Inconspicuous Consumption, a book about conspicuous consumption, is also her work.

Schlossberg was married to George Winchester Moran on September 9, 2017, in Martha’s Vineyard. They met when they were an undergraduate student at Yale. The couple is happy to announce the birth of their first child after four years of marriage.

Caroline Kennedy’s Daughter Has Welcomed A Baby Son

Tatiana Schlossberg gave birth to her newborn son earlier this month.  Her baby has become another new addition to the famous family.

It was Tatiana’s brother Jack Schlossberg who had announced the baby on behalf of his journalist sister.

If we explore Tatiana’s family tree, she is the second daughter of Caroline Kennedy. Jack and Tatiana also have an older sister named Rose, who is currently 30 years old. Their mother Caroline Kennedy is the daughter of John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Professionally speaking,  Jack is a lawyer and he recently graduated from Harvard Law and Harvard Business School. His elder sister Rose has seen herself in the entertainment business.

Caroline, on the other hand, is scheduled to become the United States Ambassador to Australia.

Tatiana Schlossberg & Husband George Moran Have Named Their Son Edwin

The name of Tatiana Schlossberg’s newborn son is Edwin. He has been named after Tatiana’s dad, Edwin Schlossberg.

Also, the newborn has a middle name called “Garret”, which comes from Morgan’s side of the family. It is the name of Morangrandfather, who lived in Greenwich and was formerly the COO of the private equity group at the investment firm Blackstone.

However, his uncle Jack Schlossberg has kept another name for the little boy. Jack had stated that: “His name is Edwin, but I like to call him Jack,” the lawyer said with a smile. The name “Jack” was also the nickname for the baby’s great-grandfather, President John F. Kennedy.

Jack Schlossberg also revealed that he sees his nephew “on a regular basis” and that his mother is “very into” being a first-time grandmother.

 Photos Of Tatiana Schlossberg With Her Baby Goes Viral

The recent photos of Tatiana Schlossberg carrying her baby son are trending all over the Internet.

The Post had exclusively shared the first photos of Tatiana, George, and Edwin. They were spotted on Thursday, April 14, 2022, in Manhattan.

As per the source, the pair has been living and working in Los Angeles.

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