Sienna Mae Gomez Is Still Alive And Well Amid Allegations: No, Sienna Mae Gomez is not dead; rather, the renowned TikToker has been the target of hate after a pal made a sexual accusation. To understand more about the case, keep reading the article.

Sienna Mae Gomez, a renowned TikToker, has been accused of sexual abuse by her buddy Jack Wright.

Sienna Mae Gomez Is Still Alive And Well Amid Allegations: Why Do Fans Think She Dead? Yet Another Death Hoax Stirs Up The TikTok Star

This could be one reason behind Gomez’s death ruse.

No, Sienna Mae Gomez Is Not Dead – Yet Another Death Hoax

We are glad to inform you that, Sienna Mae Gomez is not dead, it was another death hoax related to the actress. We assume the rumor was created by the supporter of Jack Wright after the news of the sexual allegations was revealed.

Sienna is a famous TikTok star, sho rose to fame after her TikTok videos went viral on the Internet. There was also the rumor of the pair dating each other before the allegation flash out.

Sienna recalled the moment when they first met in an interview. She stated that she requested Wright’s twin brother James to join her for an interview, but he was unable to do so, so she took Jack instead.

Jack Wright rose to internet fame in high school before becoming a founding member of the Hype House collective in December 2019. They met in high school but didn’t get close until they met in Los Angeles.

In October 2020, Wright and Gomez began uploading videos together on TikTok, which fueled rumors that they were dating. However, not long after, Wright posted a 17-minute-long YouTube video outlining claimed sexual assault by Gomez.

He accused Gomez, who was supposed to participate in the show, of nonconsensual groping while he was unconscious, among other things.

This news enraged social media users towards TikTok star Gomez, and she has since been chastised by Wright fans. As a result, we conclude that her death hoax may be the consequence of this. However, we are not sure of anything.

Sienna Mae Gomez Is Still Alive And Well Amid Allegations

Sienna Mae Gomez is still alive and is in good health condition. She recently appeared in the media and denied all of Wright’s charges. She referred to Wright’s film as a “destructive and inaccurate reframe of their past.”

“There has been no police investigation, not even a police report to our knowledge,” a Gomez spokeswoman stated. “There have been no charges, no private litigation, and no interaction between Sienna and Jack or their respective legal teams in many months.”

However, Wright said in a statement to NBC on Monday that he stands by the charges he made in his most recent video. “I feel Sienna is fighting to accept the truth and the damaging, terrible decisions she’s made. Every single word in my video is true.”

We will update you with further information about the case as soon as possible.

Sienna Mae Gomez And Jack wright Sexual Allegation

The sexual allegation between Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright began on May 30. It was when a mutual acquaintance accused Gomez of “sexually abusing” Wright “several times” and asking him to kill himself on Twitter.

Gomez disputed them two days later in a YouTube video. Wright, she said, “misled” her. “That’s why this has been so perplexing to me,” Gomez explained. “It was genuine online, and then it was sometimes real IRL, and sometimes it wasn’t.”

According to Gomez’s attorney, Gomez’s connection with Wright was “consensual and amicable.” Wright and Gomez are both 18, although they were minors at different stages in their online romance.

“Unfortunately, Wright’s attempt to smear Gomez with further bogus charges continues,” Gomez’s representative said. “His recent lies in the professionally crafted film indicate that Jack is once again taking premeditated steps to stymie, damage Sienna’s image and livelihood.”

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