Tom Mann's Fiance Danielle Hampson Death From Accident: How Did It Happen? Her Age At The Time Of Her Death

Tom Mann’s Fiance Danielle Hampson Death From Accident: Danielle Hampson, the fiancée of former X Factor singer Tom Manns and mother of their 8-month-old boy, passed away on the morning of the couple’s wedding day, June 18, 2022.

The television figure had just returned from a vacation in Sardinia with his fiancée, but their time together had come to an end. Tom shared the devastating news of her death on his Instagram account.

Continue reading to find more about the singer, his fiancée, the circumstances surrounding her untimely death, which occurred on their wedding day, and more.


Tom Mann’s Fiance Danielle Hampson’s Death From Accident

X-Factor star, Tom Mann’s fiancee, Danielle Hampson died on the morning of their wedding day from a car accident.

He tweeted the tribute alongside a photo of Hampson, 34, cuddling their eight-month-old baby, and stated that she died in the early hours of Saturday. 

“I can’t believe I’m writing these words. But my beloved Dani, my closest friend, my everything and more, the love of my life died in the early hours of Saturday morning, June 18th,” Mann, 28, said.

“What should have been the best day of our life ended in permanent grief.” 

“I feel like I’ve shed an ocean of tears.” We never made it to the altar, spoke our vows, or danced our first dance, but Danielle, I know you know you were my entire world and the finest thing that ever happened to me.

“I’ll wear the ring I’ve always been expected to wear as a symbol of my unwavering love for you.”

“I am absolutely shattered trying to digest this and I honestly don’t know where to go from here. However, I do know I need to utilize any strength I can summon for our little child,” he said of raising their kid in her memory.

“I will not be a stain on the parent you have already been, and I swear I will do all in my power to raise Bowie exactly the way we always desired.” I guarantee he will remember how wonderful his mother was.

“I vow to make you really proud.”

“She is the most gorgeous person on the inside and out.” The most amazing soul. We have lost a special person, and I am sure we will witness an outpouring of affection that matches that.

“I will try to find solace in your words and remarks, but I am mourning right now and will be for a long time.”

“My dear Dani, the brightest light in any room, without you, my world is nothing but darkness.” “I shall always miss you.”

What Was Danielle Hampson And Tom Mann’s Wedding Date 

Danielle Hampson and Tom Mann’s wedding date was supposed to be on 18.06.22 which unfortunately became the day of the mourning.

The couple began dating in 2015 when she published her first Instagram photo with Tom.

They announced their engagement in December 2019, with Tom writing a heartfelt post about his ‘future wife’ after proposing at a jazz café in London.

Her final social media post was three weeks before her death when she posted photos from the couple’s vacation in Sardinia with pals.

The pair was blessed with a baby boy, Bowie Andrew Mann on October 18, 2021. They were a wonderful little family full of laughter and joy until he lost his loving and kind wife.

He asserted, however, that he reared his kid without ever making him miss his mother.


Tom Mann, his wife, Danielle Hampson and their baby
Tom Mann, his wife, Danielle Hampson and their baby (source : Instagram)


Tom got an outpouring of sympathy and support from his famous pals.

‘Sending so much love, light, and healing to you, Bowie, and everyone who loves Dani!!’ said Girls Aloud actress Nadine Coyle.

‘Tom’ was written by Mimi Webb. I’m very sorry sending all my love to you & thinking of you love you brother x we are with you’, while HRVY wrote:’so sorry Tom, we all love you thinking of you buddy.’

‘Love you brother,’ Lewis Capaldi said.

‘Sending all my love brother very sorry,’ added Tom’s former bandmate Barclay Beales.

Danielle Hampson Was 34 At The Time Of Her Death

Danielle Hampson was just 34 when she lost her life in an accident. She was a PR Executive for Knowles Communications. 


Tom Mann's Fiance Danielle Hampson Death From Accident
Danielle Hampson with Harry Styles at Knowles Communications event. (source : Instagram)


Knowles Communications delivers an authentic amount of industry expertise and experience, having spent over 20 years in the area of public relations.

Moreover, it is invested in digging deep and extending throughout the beauty, lifestyle, fashion, fitness, health, and wellness sectors.

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