Meet Trent Johnston Siblings: Is Heidi Johnston His Sister? His Family And Kids

Trent Johnston Siblings – Season 13 of 7 Little Johnston premiered on April 2023, showing Trent’s day-to-day life and family. But does Trent have a sister?

Trent Johnston became a media star after appearing on the TLC reality show 7 Little Johnston, which centered on him, his family, and their lives. The series aired in 2015 and ended in May 2023.

Trent was a dwarf growing up, but he never let his height hold him back and worked hard to reach his goals.

After years of hard work and struggle, Johnston has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry after being supported by his entire family.

Trent’s family is often referred to as the “Real Life Seven Dwarfs” as they are the largest family of achondroplasia dwarfs in the world.

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Meet Trent Johnston Siblings: Is Heidi Johnston His Sister?

As many of us already know that Trent has five children, but does he have any siblings? Looking through his social media accounts and various online tabloids, we can safely say that Trent Johnston does not have a sibling, and Heidi Johnston is not his sister.

Trent Johnston Siblings
Trent Johnston alongside his father Poppy (Source: Instagram)

Although the two share the same surname, Instagram star Heidi Johnston is not related to the reality TV star.

On top of that, many online tabloids claim that Trent’s older brother is the Australian cricketer Craig Johnston and Nathan is his younger brother. However, after fact-checking about Trent’s family, he hasn’t addressed the rumors yet.

Likewise, Johnston has not mentioned the names and identities of his siblings and other family members besides his wife and kids. Hopefully, we will get more insights into his family in the upcoming days.

Trent Johnston Family And Kids

As mentioned above, Trent is a married man with five kids. He has been married to his wife, Amber Johnston, for about 25 years.

They even celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a trip from Georgia to Key West, Florida. We can see pictures of them on Instagram enjoying their big day without the kids for the first time.

The couple shares two children, Elizabeth and Jonah and adopted their three other kids, Ana from Siberia, Alex from South Korea, and Emma from China. According to the sources, Alex and Emma are in junior high and even went to the homecoming dance with Alex’s girlfriend, Allie.

Trent Johnston Siblings
Trent Johnston and his family appeared in the show 7 Little Johnstons from 2015 to 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Emma is the youngest out of all five of his kids. And despite having multiple roots, the family happily embraced their multiple heritage and culture.

Trent and the family reportedly call themselves the real-life seven dwarfs and happily embrace their size. The family of seven first grabbed media and public attention after appearing in the show 7 Little Johnstons on TLC.

The show first aired in 2015 and ran for 13 seasons ending in 2023. As most of the kids are all adults and ready to branch out from their comfort zone, the family decided to end the show and part ways to explore life on their own.

Overall, Trent’s family has been an integral part of his life, both in his personal and professional endeavors. With the support of his wife and children, he has undoubtedly achieved a lot in life.

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