Was Houston TX Chris Jones Missing Person Found Dead? Murder Case Update


Find out “Was Houston TX Chris Jones Missing Person Found Dead?” On Thursday, June 1, Chris Jones’ family filed a missing person’s report after he became contactless. The University student was found dead by Houston police, and an investigation is ongoing.

He had been missing for five days and had not been in touch with his family.

His family reported him missing on Thursday, June 1, after he became contactless. Jones’ mother reported talking to him on June 1 before he went missing.

He was found dead by Houston Police in an unknown location, devastating his loved ones. Police have not disclosed the cause of his death or how he died.

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Was Houston TX Chris Jones Missing Person Found Dead?

A Houston, Texas man who had been missing for five days has finally been found dead.

On Thursday, June 1st, Jones’ family reported him missing after he failed to contact them.

Eventually, the family went to the police when they became concerned about his whereabouts.

His mother said she talked to him earlier that day, June 1, before he went missing, according to his family and partner Ceejay.

Jones was staying at a hotel off Sam Houston Parkway when he went missing. His best friend and love of his life, Ceejay, also posted a tweet on June 5 asking for help.

Chris Jones Missing
Chris Jones’s girlfriend, Ceejay, posted a tweet on Twitter asking for help to find him out on June 5.  (Source: Twitter)

Unfortunately, the man was found dead, shattering all the hopes of his loved ones. The event has deeply saddened the family as they continue to grieve for the lost soul.

Chris was a Sul Ross State University student with a great prospect for life. He was a lively person with big plans in life, which sadly remained unfulfilled.

The circumstances of how Chris was found and the cause of his death are still unknown. The investigating authorities have not shared a brief with the public reporters yet.

Houston TX Chris Jones Murder Case: Who Killed Him?

Missing Chris Jones has been found dead, but the cause of his death is still under investigation. It is unknown to the public if he lost his life to some tragic accident or was deliberately killed with bad intentions.

Houston Police has undertaken the investigation extensively and are looking for evidence to conclude the incident. They have also been looking around, interrogating possible suspects with no luck.

The body has been sent for postmortem, whose result is underway. The report will likely reveal the cause of his death and the circumstances in which he died.

Chris Jones Missing
Chris Jones’s cause of his death is still under investigation. (Source: Twitter)

Houston Police has ensured to look after every detail leaving no stone unturned to find the murderer if it is confirmed that he was murdered.

Despite all the efforts, the gone soul can’t be returned, and the tragic, untimely loss deeply saddens the family and close ones of the deceased.

Chris was a lively, fun, and jolly person who lightened up every room he was in. The loss is big for all his loved ones, including his girlfriend and best friend, Ceejay, who eagerly awaited his reply.

In the moment of grief, the family chooses to maintain privacy which must be respected by investigating authorities and the public. The family has not yet revealed the obituary and funeral plans of the deceased.

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