Where Is Annie Dow Going After Leaving 104.1, Is She Leaving & What Happened To Her?

Let’s find out “Where Is Annie Dow Going After Leaving 104.1?” Journalist Annie Dow, who resides in the US, recently attracted notice after announcing her departure from 104.1.

At the moment, Annie provides traffic coverage for the Karson and Kennedy show on Mix 104.1 in Boston. She worked as a traffic reporter for Entercom and was a co-host on the Morning Show.

The talented reporter has worked for Entercom in Boston, Massachusetts, since 2017. The journalist’s departure from Mix 104.1 Radio has become a trend online. Read the article in its entirety for further details.

Where Is Annie Dow Going After Leaving 104.1?

Annie has not revealed any future plans she has yet to the public. She has also barely opened up about her departure from 104.1. At the moment she seems to want to take a break.

Her fans have been waiting for the news presenter to talk about the issue and explain why she has decided to leave 104.1. But the fans have been very patient and have been also very understanding of her choices.

Dow might soon explain and address her departure from 104.1 as she spent a long time with them.

Is Annie Dow Leaving 104.1? Explore Her Twitter

Annie has decided to leave 104.1. The news broke and spread like a wildfire after she retweeted a tweet made by one of her co-workers talking about her departure.

They’ve been collaborating as a team for a very long time. Annie has confirmed that the tweet was sent on June 27. On her Twitter page, she sent this message. However, a post about reporter Dow departing the show was also placed on the Mix 104.1 Radio official page. Today’s Facebook post made by Mix 104.1 is visible to us.

Where Is Annie Dow Going After Leaving 104.1?
Annie Dow in one of her Instagram posts. ( Source : Instagram )

The news came with a shock and most fans were left bittersweet with the news. The journalist has more than 4 years of experience with Mix 104.1. She joined the firm in December 2017 and worked there as a reporter & anchor until June 2022. She participated in the Karson & Kennedy performance there.

Her supporters have remarked how upset and heartbroken they were to hear that Annie would be leaving the program. They used to adore her for the love and positivity she brought to the program. However, they have wished her well and congratulated her on the next journey of her life.

What Is Annie Dow Net Worth And Salary?

In 2022, Annie Dow’s net worth is anticipated to reach about $68,000. The reporter makes around $7,084 a month in pay.

The journalist has kept her actual earnings and net worth a secret. However, in the United States, a radio reporter has average yearly pay of $61,014 instead. They are paid roughly $30 an hour. The typical salary for a journalist is $5,084 per month.

In July 2017, the DJ joined Mix 104.1. She has worked for the business for five years. She has made a name for herself as one of the most passionate and knowledgeable broadcasters and reporters.

The chic writer has experience as a radio DJ for Flager College Radio, WFCF 88.5. From 2013 to 2017, she also served as the production director there. The host and the reporter have a long history in radio journalism and have built a successful career in it.

However, she possesses a lot of skills and it will not be harder for her to find a better job in the future.

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