Who Is Anthony Templet: Son Accused Of Shooting His Father Burt Three Times? Arrest Charges Explained

Let’s find out “Who Is Anthony Templet: Son Accused Of Shooting His Father Burt Three Times?” Anthony Templet, a teenager from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, shot his father three times before killing him.

I Just Killed My Dad, a real crime documentary, had its trailer released by Netflix on Thursday. The remarkable, previously untold actual story of Anthony Templet and his Templet family serves as the basis for the television series.

After killing his father, Anthony Templet, 17, was charged with manslaughter.

Who Is Anthony Templet: Son Shot Father Burt Three Times

Anthony Templet fatally shot his father in June 2019 at their Baton Rouge, Louisiana, home.

The family of a 17-year-old who shot and killed his father last year alleges that the boy was taken away by his own father when he was five years old and that they had no idea where he was until he was found.

Templet admitted to shooting his father three times when he phoned the police.

Anthony went back to his room to leave the quarrel, but his father followed and reacted violently. Templet hid in his father’s room as the crisis grew worse and gathered two weapons in case the first one malfunctioned.

Who Is Anthony Templet: Son Accused Of Shooting His Father Burt Three Times?
Anthony shot his father three times by a gun ( Source : Wafb )

Templet’s half-sister, Natasha, told WAFB that her brother was kidnapped from their Texas home when he was only five years old in 2008. Burt, she added, had been living with her mother for nearly ten years, was highly abusive, and struggled with alcoholism.

Natasha told WAFB that Burt abused her mother while she was holding Anthony as a baby. After Burt left with his son more than a decade ago, she and her mother put up missing posters all over Baton Rogue because they knew he had a family.

Natasha told WAFB that Anthony’s father has isolated and abused him since his kidnapping. Anthony, who had been living with his father, was forbidden from attending school or interacting with other family members.

Anthony Templet Arrest Charges

Anthony Templet was charged with manslaughter in his father’s death in June 2019.

Anthony Templet, 17, was initially charged with manslaughter, but an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury indicted him on second-degree murder charges. According to family members, Burt was violently abusive.

The teen accused of murdering his father had pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder.

According to the teenager, he and his father got into a fight, and his father was drunk and aggressive. According to deputies, Anthony grabbed two guns to protect himself and eventually shot his father.

The decision to refer the case to a grand jury outraged Templet’s defense attorney, Jarrett Ambeau, who was representing Templet for free.

Jarrett Ambeau represented Anthony's case for free
Who Is Anthony Templet: Son Accused Of Shooting His Father Burt Three Times? Jarrett Ambeau represented Anthony’s case for free ( Source : Wafb )

Ambeau claimed he previously waived his client’s right to a speedy trial and worked with the district attorney’s office to postpone the case going before a grand jury until he had more time to gather evidence on his client’s behalf.

“Bringing this to a grand jury was grossly unprofessional,” Ambeau said. And he’s being overcharged. “I’m curious what they told the grand jury. Did they inform them that the bedroom door had a hole and had been knocked off its hinges?” Ambeau added.

According to investigators, Templet slept in his room when his drunken father woke him up. After an argument, Templet claims his father became aggressive and initiated a physical altercation, which resulted in the 17-year-old fatally shooting his father.

Where Is Anthony Templet Now?

Anthony was granted bail on Thursday, December 19, 2019, and served the remainder of his sentence with his stepmother and stepbrother.

He was ordered to continue reporting for drug testing and to remain under supervision after his release.

Templet was sentenced to five years of supervised probation in March 2021 after accepting a plea agreement and pleading no contest to the lesser charge of negligent murder.

Anthony was kidnapped by his father when he was five years old
Anthony was kidnapped by his father when he was five years old ( Source : Wafb )

However, prosecutor Dana Gummings questioned the value of incarceration for a young man who had never had the opportunity to attend school or learn about the outside world.

As part of the plea bargain, he agreed to complete his high school education and then decide whether to continue or seek full-time employment. If he complies, the mark on his record will be removed, according to The Advocate.

Anthony was a five-year-old boy when his father abducted him. Furthermore, he was kept as a prisoner and was prohibited from attending school or meeting anyone.

No one else could have imagined the physical and mental toll he had to bear. A father, whom every child believes is their protector, had himself taken his son’s freedom. No crime in the world is more heinous than that.

Thomas suffered in silence for 11 years, but when his patience ran out, he did what any little boy in any corner of the world would do. He assassinated the man to blame for everything wrong that had happened to him.

As a result, the jury and judges were also speechless when the truth was revealed.

Based on Templet’s story, the documentary series “I Just Killed My Dad” will be available on Netflix on August 9.

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