Did Austin Simon Have A Criminal & Murder Record

Let’s discuss “Did Austin Simon Have A Criminal Record And Murder?” Austin Simon was murdered by a deli worker acting in self-defense. Jose Alba was accused of murdering the man.

After Austin Simon attacked him in a grocery store, a worker at a Manhattan Bodega fatally stabbed him. The footage of the occurrence has been shared widely online. It is clear that Alba killed Simon with a knife.

The alleged girlfriend of Austin Simon was the origin of the entire tale. She went to the shop and bought things but didn’t have the money to pay for them. So to defuse the situation, she chose to call Austin, who was on parole.

Did Austin Simon Have A Criminal & Murder Record?

Austin had previously served his sentence for killing a police officer and beating him. Additionally, he has been arrested eight times before, including for robbery, assault, and violence during a domestic quarrel.

The attack started when the Dominican-born shopkeeper, who had lived in the US for 30 years, got into a fight with Austin’s girlfriend over a bag of chips.

Numerous users assert that Jess Alba is innocent and that he did his best to defend himself on social media. For the time being, see how the New York DA handles the case.

Why Was Bodega Owner Jose Alba Arrested?

Jose Alba, a worker at the Bodega, was involved in a fight with one of his customers as he reached for a knife. He ultimately used a knife to murder the victim and is currently detained on Rikers Island for second-degree murder.

Did Austin Simon Have A Criminal & Murder Record?
Bodega Owner Jose Alba CCTC footage ( Source : Smartindianews )

In the horrible incident, which occurred on Friday, July 1, Austin Simon, a 34-year-old customer, could be seen on surveillance camera rushing behind the counter to confront Alba about the price of some snacks.

When Austin pushes Alba, the dispute swiftly intensifies and turns physical. Then, quickly grabbing a knife, Alba starts stabbing Austin.

What Are The Charges Of Jose Alba?

Austin Simon died in the hospital after Jess Alba stabbed him. The district attorney’s office has charged him with murder even though he maintains that he acted in self-defense.

Simon has been taken into custody, and a $250,000 bail has been set. Unfortunately, the deli employee cannot afford that sum. His family also started a GoFundMe effort to earn cash for his bail. But a few hours later, the page was removed. Individuals had already made $20k contributions to the account.

Many people contend that the government should not have filed charges against a man who only acted in self-defense.

The CCTV footage suggests that Jess Alba only stabbed Austin Simon out of self-defense. He was attacked by the second man inside the grocery shop, holding a knife.

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