In The Anderson Shooting: Two People Were Shot And One Person Died

In The Anderson Shooting Two People Were Shot And One Person Died – The Anderson Police Department has reported that officers are conducting an investigation following the shooting of two individuals on Thursday evening.

According to the officers, they responded to the incident that was reported on Plantation Road after someone made the report. One of the victims was confirmed to have been shot in the leg by law enforcement, while the other victim was pronounced dead at the scene due to gunshot wounds.

In The Anderson Shooting: Two People Were Shot And One Person Died

According to the Anderson County Coroner’s Office, Martiz Shermaine Williams, 32, was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle, where he later died away. Williams was pronounced dead at the hospital.

According to the findings of the coroner, the occurrence appears to be connected to a domestic dispute that took place between a few different people, and there does not appear to be any risk to the general public.

The coroner has determined that this death was the result of homicide, and an autopsy is set to take place on Monday morning. This circumstance is becoming more serious. As new information becomes available, we will revise and update this article.

On Sunday just after midnight, the Anderson Police Department was called to the area of 16th and Madison Avenue after receiving a complaint of gunfire in that location.

The victims were identified and given medical attention by responding officers before being sent to a nearby hospital for further treatment. The conditions of both victims are described as stable.

In The Anderson Shooting: Two People Were Shot And One Person Died
The Anderson

At approximately 3:30 in the morning, there was a second incident that happened at the same site when officers responded to another allegation of gunfire. Officers responded to the scene of the event, located three victims, administered aid to them, and then took all three patients to a local hospital.

Later on, it was determined that one of the three victims, a man named Landon Hill from Anderson who was 24 years old, had passed away. The other two victims are still receiving medical attention.

Final Note

According to Anderson police chief Jim Stewart, two were shot, resulting in one person being killed and the other receiving injuries. Stewart stated that the incident took place on Plantation Road within the city boundaries of Anderson just before 8 o’clock that evening.

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