Is Santo August In Prison Now? Was Roc Royal Arrested? Charges and Mugshot - Everything To Know About Him

Is Santo August In Prison Now? Was Roc Royal Arrested? Roc Royal, a rapper, was arrested for robbery and battery in 2016. Please continue reading this article to learn more about his charges.

Chresanto August, also known as Roc Royal and Santo August, is a former member of the boy band Mindless Behavior and an American rapper, dancer, and actor.

Is Santo August In Prison Now? Was Roc Royal Arrested? Charges and Mugshot - Everything To Know About Him

Because of August’s charisma, Gamble gave him the stage name Roc Royal. To show his ruggedness, “Roc” was used as an alternative spelling for “rock.” On the other hand, “Royal” was supposed to show off his kinder, sweeter side.

Soon after Princeton and August, Prodigy (Craig Crippen, Jr.) and Ray-Ray joined (Rayan Lopez). In 2016, the rapper had a rough year, as he was arrested for his heinous deeds.

Was Roc Royal Arrested? Charges and Mugshot

August was caught on camera hitting a man in July 2014, and he shared the video to his personal Instagram account. Despite the fact that he removed the video from his profile, it was eventually uploaded to YouTube and shared by hundreds of people.

August, shirtless in the video, moves up to a man bending over a bicycle and punches him repeatedly before kicking him in the face. According to those close to him, such as friends, the individual had money owing to August, although no precise amount of debt was disclosed.

August was named the prime suspect four months later, in November 2014, after producer Chris Clark’s BMW 325i went stolen during a studio session with Santo.

The car keys had been placed on a table in the studio by Clark, but when he attempted to leave, the keys and August had vanished. As a result of August’s failure to comply, Clark turned to the authorities.

August was arrested in February 2016 and accused of robbery and violence. In April, he agreed to a two-year prison sentence and began serving it in July.

In January 2021, August, in a phone interview from jail, promoted a new youtube page called Santo August Music, where he will release music and updates.

Is Santo August In Prison Now? Everything To Know About

The rapper was eligible to be released in spring 2017 for maintaining his excellent behavior, but due to some unknown facts, he was not released at that time.

August’s family also claimed that he would be freed in May 2017. August went on Instagram Live to talk to followers about his condition, and he also uploaded a selfie of himself with the hashtag “#comingsoon.”

However, he is still in prison, according to sources, and no information on his release has been disclosed.

A couple of his songs were released while he was in prison. In March 2016, “I’m The Plug” and “I Choose Her” were released. August is working on a project that will be launched when he is freed from prison.

Roc Roya Family – Was He Married?

August and his then-girlfriend, Desiree Twyman, welcomed a newborn boy called Royal August in 2014.

He has the word “Royal” tattooed on his chest. Bronx August, their second child, was born on March 30, 2018.

August introduced a new YouTube page named Santo August Songs in a phone conversation from prison in January 2021, where he will share music and updates.