Is Troye Sivan In Jail? Troye Sivan, a 26-year-old Australian artist, admits to have previously served time in prison, when he penned the song Angel Baby. Learn more about the situation.

Troye Sivan is a well-known Australian singer and songwriter who rose to recognition in the media after competing in Australian talent shows. Aside from that, he’s a YouTuber and an actor.

Is Troye Sivan In Jail? Rumors Float Around On Twitter About The Singer

He joined with EMI Australia in 2031 and released TRXYE, his third extended play (2014). The album reached number five on the Billboard 200 in the United States. His work has kept him in the spotlight for quite some time.

In terms of his acting career, Sivan made his debut in 2009 in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as James. Sivan has received numerous prizes for his talent, including the GLAAD Media Award and the MTV Europe Music Award.

Is Troye Sivan In Jail?

Fans of Troye Sivan are currently perplexed, believing he is in prison. But it’s merely a rumor that’s been catching people’s attention recently. Sivan has remained silent about the persistent rumor till now.

He has, however, admitted that he was previously incarcerated. Sivan’s imprisonment was revealed in the media after he shared a story on his Instagram account. His song, Angel Baby, he claims, is about his experience in prison.

Angel Baby is a song that was published on September 9th, 2021, and it is now nearing the top 50 on Spotify Global. The song can also be found on social media and music streaming sites.

Troye Sivan’s Twitter Rumors About False Charges Explained

Fans assumed Troye Sivan was in jail when he uploaded an Instagram story, but this is not the case. Sivan has previously served time in prison, but he has not publicly stated why he was imprisoned.

The story is still available on his Instagram account, where he is known as @troyesivan and has over 12.7 million followers. Now, his fans and followers are trying to figure out why he was arrested.

Sivan may confront the claims and talk about them openly now that the misinformation is prevalent on social media.

When did Troye Sivan get out of jail?

It’s unclear when Troye Sivan was arrested, and the tabloids haven’t been given any information on his release date. On Twitter, we can also find other mugshots of Sivan that have been uploaded by his followers.

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