What Happened To Nevada woman missing after stranger gets into her car

Naomi Christine Irion: Where is She Now? Naomi Christine Irion mysteriously vanished on March 12, 2022, and her family is appealing to the public for assistance. The 18-year-old was last seen at the Fernley Walmart parking lot, where she was approached by a stranger who got into her car, took the steering wheel, and drove away.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada is leading a hunt for her that has revealed few results so far.

Naomi Christine Irion: Where is She Now? What Happened To Nevada woman missing after stranger gets into her car

Following Gabby Petito’s disappearance and death, the United States has become concerned about missing women. Despite this, some people have gone missing in 2022, with only a handful being located. Alexis Gabe of California was reported missing on January 26 after her automobile was discovered in Antioch with the keys still inside. Paola Miranda-Rosa, who was last seen swimming in the Wekiva River, is also being sought by the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. Sara Celeste Otero went missing in California in early February after going to the gym.

The police found her car, but there was no sign of her, according to the most recent information on Irion’s case. As a result, the police are now treating her disappearance as “suspicious,” but not as a kidnapping.

What happened to Naomi Irion? Where is She Now

Irion was last spotted in the Fernley Walmart on March 12, 2022. Her family claims she parks her car there and uses the Panasonic Gigafactory’s company bus to work. A man approaches her in her 1992 Mercury Sable and motions her to move into the passenger seat, according to security footage. After that, he gets behind the car and drives away. She’s dressed in a blue Panasonic top and a grey coat in CCTV footage from earlier in the day.

So far, police have been able to trace the individual back to a local homeless encampment, where he was discovered. Before getting inside Irion’s automobile, he allegedly “began prowling” near parked cars. Her family reported her missing when she failed to show up for work on March 12 and 13, which her mother Diana described as “very odd,” adding, “My daughter was extremely reliable.” As a result, she was reported missing on March 13th.

What Happened To Nevada Woman Missing After Stranger Gets Into Her Car

Lyon County officials discovered her automobile in an industrial park in Fernley on March 15, but there was no sign of the 18-year-old. The Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that “evidence suggesting Naomi’s disappearance is criminal in nature was uncovered in the vehicle,” but did not specify what that evidence was. “Naomi’s not a fighter,” Irion’s father, Herve Irion, said during a news conference, “meaning the person who shoved her into her car — she froze, she didn’t do anything.”

Irion’s sister, Tamara Cartwright, was also present and stated, “She adores people, and it is because of this that she is so trusting. She’ll go to any length to assist others. Someone, I’m afraid, has violated her confidence.” The family has appealed to the public for assistance in finding Irion, and has even set up a GoFundMe page to generate funding for her hunt. The fundraiser has raised more than $23,000 of its original $20,000 goal at the time of publishing.

Irion is a 5-foot-11-inch tall White female with one green and one brown eye. Her nose is pierced and she has black hair. Anyone with information should contact the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office at 775-577-5206 ext 2 or send an email to [email protected]. According to authorities, the FBI is also assisting in the hunt.

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