Andris Wofford Killed By Boyfriend:

Obituary: Who Is Andris Wofford? Andris is the woman who was allegedly shot and killed by her police boyfriend. Is the police officer arrested? Here is everything to know. 

A Chicago police officer allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend for trying to leave him. According to her family members, he was the last one inside her house and the two of them had occasional disputes and disagreements for a few days.

The news broke out when police responded to a well-being check in North Nashville Avenue. A 29-year-old, Andris Wofford was found dead with a gunshot to her chin. More details to follow.

Who Is Andris Wofford? Wikipedia And More

Andris Wofford was a woman from North Nashville Avenue, Chicago.

She was reportedly shot and killed by her police boyfriend after she threatened to leave him. One can not find her on Wikipedia though.

According to the details revealed by the police, she had suffered a gunshot to her chin which is possibly the cause of her death. However, an autopsy is yet to take place, and more details will be available as soon as it does.

We dedicate this obituary to her. May her departed soul rest in peace.


Andris Wofford Killed By Boyfriend: Is He Arrested?

Andris Wofford is allegedly killed by her boyfriend who is also a Chicago police officer.

However, he has been relieved of duty ever since Wofford was found dead. A lot of things point that he is actually the killer, but the investigation is currently underway.

He has been arrested and taken under custody by the Chicago Police. However, they have not revealed any charges against him until now. Nor have they revealed his name for the time being.


Andris Wofford Family And Children

Andris Wofford was a mother to her two children.

It was her family who came forward, suspecting her boyfriend to be the culprit. They were babysitting her two daughters during the time when she was killed.

We forward our deepest condolences to her family and children. Hope they find a ray of light during these tragic times.


Andris Wofford Age And Instagram

Andris Wofford was just 29 years of age. May her soul rest in paradise.

We have been unable to track down Andris Wofford’s social media handles at the moment.

They will be updated soon. Also, we will update you with every new development in the case.

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