Robin Perkins Faced Assault Allegations

Robin Perkins Faced Assault Allegations – Robins has faced s3xual allegations, and this is not the first time he got accused of these charges.

A former student, Robins of UW- Madison got alleged for s3xual assault. And, the victim of assault is not related to the University.

Regarding the matter, the University has sent emails mentioning the prohibited action. Additionally, such acts will get considered a violation of law and code of conduct for students.

The recent assault case has brought a lot of attention to the UW-Madison, with Perkins being an alumni student.

Robin Perkins Faced Assault Allegations

Robin got alleged for the s3xual assault. As per the report, he called the victim into his apartment at Eagle Heights, where the whole event took place.

The victim has mentioned Perkins being an acquaintance, and upon his invitation, they went to his apartment. The assault happened soon after going to his place.

Luckily, the victim got out of the apartment and called the police. 34-years-old, Perkins got arrested from Eagle Heights Community, University Apartments.

However, the victim was not from the same University, and it turns out they came after his invitation.


Robin Perkins- Details On His Bail Jumping

Robin’s arrest happened on Tuesday with the charge of one count 3rd-degree sexual assault, two counts of felony bail jumping and one count of misdemeanor bail jumping.”

He got sent to Dane County Jail with the allegations and got released on 9 December 2021 on Thursday. Robins will most probably return to his place in Eagle Heights Community.

With the arrest and three bail jumps, Robin finally got released from prison. As a former student residing at the University Of Wisconsin-Madison housing community, it remains unsure if the University will take action or not.

Still and all, they have sent letters to all their students addressing the conduct of conduct and the laws.


More On Robin Perkins S3xual Abuse Charges

Robin faced a third-degree sexual assault recently. According to The Daily Cardinal, he also history of previous sexual assault charges.

Looking into his records, he got charged with a second-degree sexual assault. The victim was unconscious at the time of the incident.

Following that, Perkins also got charged with fourth-degree sexual assault. He has a history of getting arrested, charged, and released, yet he committed another crime.

The identity of the victim is not available to the public for now. Still and all, UWPD confirmed that the recent victim was not from the same University.

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