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Let’s find out “Who Is Joshua Danehower Arrested For Murder?” On Friday morning, Joshua Danehower killed Gret Glyer, the founder of the nonprofit DonorSee. At Dulles International Airport, the suspect was taken into custody.

The murder of Glyer in his own home while he slept next to his wife shocked the community of Fairfax. The killer did not harm the wife or the two children.

Who Is Joshua Danehower Arrested For Murder? Charged In Fatal Shooting of Fairfax Nonprofit Owner Gret Glyer In His Home
Joshua Danehower is a suspect. ( Source : Twitter )

Who Is Joshua Danehower? Arrested For The Murder Of Fairfax Nonprofit Owner Gret Glyer

Joshua Danehower is a suspect arrested by police for the murder of the DonorSee founder Gret Glyer based in Fairfax.

The suspect was arrested on Tuesday night, June 28, 2022. Police trailed him from his hometown of Arlington to the Dulles International Airport and arrested him at the airport, where he used to work as an employee for FedEx.

Who Is Joshua Danehower Arrested For Murder?
Gret Glyer was murdered by Joshua Danehower. ( Source : Twitter )

It was revealed by the City of Fairfax Police Department Captain that Joshua Danehower was a family acquaintance. It is still unclear how he was related to the family.

Joshua Danehower of Arlington was arrested Tuesday night at Dulles International Airport after law enforcement trailed him from Arlington to the airport. No possible motives have been found by the police till now.

DonorSee Owner Gret Glyer Shot Dead

32-year-old Gret Glyer was murdered on June 24, 2022, in his home in Bolton Village Court, Fairfax, Virginia. He was found dead in his bed before 3 am. His wife and two children were present at home during the incident, which killed Gret with multiple shots in his body.

The Glyer family moved to the house just a few months ago. His wife informed the police about the shooting of her husband. Though the back door was opened, no forced entry was identified. Crime scene technicians scanned the whole house for hours after the incident.

Gret Glyer’s company DonorSee has worked on charitable events in Africa. They have built a school in Malawi in southeastern Africa.

Joshua Danehower Jail Sentence And Mugshot

33-year-old Joshua Danehower is charged with the second-degree murder of Gret Glyer and is currently being held without bond.

Danehower entered the Glyer house and shot Gret point black in his bed while he was sleeping with his wife. His wife was sleeping next to him while the incident took place. She was the one who made the 911 call and informed the police of her husband’s murder.

The Glyer couple had married for years and were parents to two infant kids. Both the kids were believed to be under two years of age.

The authorities have yet released no official mugshot of Joshua Danehower.