Who Was Nathan Drew Morgan From Lake Keowee Shooting? Nathan Drew Morgan was shot and died while being rescued after drowning at Lake Keowee.

Nathan Drew Morgan, 29, was a 29-year-old man who died in a drowning incident on Tuesday. While he was drowning in Lake Keowee, a rescuer shot him.

Who Was Nathan Drew Morgan From Lake Keowee Shooting? Witness Claims He Was Shot In Self Defence

No charges were filed against the rescuer who attempted to save Nathan, according to the latest incident updates. The prosecutor stated that the rescuer was acting in self-defense when he shot Morgan.

The strange and perplexing episode between young Nathan and a Samaritan has piqued the public’s interest. More information on the case can be found here.

Who Was Nathan Drew Morgan Of Lake Keowee Shooting? Obituary News

Nathan Drew Morgan is a 29-year-old man who died in the Lake Keowee shooting incident. His obituary news drew much attention after the rescuer who tried to save him ended up; killing him.

As per the officers, Nathan and his friend went off to their jet ski without the life jackets. What’s more, the rescuer tried to help them while taking a pontoon boat towards them.

As per the prosecutor, the savior tried to help Morgan while drowning. However, the 29-year-old man became combative while getting rescued.

Eventually, the man opened fire and shot Nathan in the chest. Drew Morgan died in an incident, while more updates on Nathan are unavailable.

Updates On South Carolina Man Nathan Drew Morgan Dead

Nathan Drew Morgan died in a shooting incident in Lake Keowee on Tuesday. As per the latest report, a Samaritan man who shot Morgan faced no charges.

Moreover, the prosecutor claimed that the rescuer shot Nathan Drew in self-defense after he became combative. Further updates on Morgan’s dead are unavailable at present.

However, Brandon Thomas mentioned to WSPA-TV that “Certainly have never seen anything like that or heard anything like that.”

“That’s very surprising, especially the area it was in; that’s crazy; Definitely unexpected out here for sure.”

Did Nathan Drew Morgan Have A Girlfriend? Find Him On Facebook

It remains unsure if Nathan Drew Morgan had a girlfriend for the time being. However, people have shared his death news; while praying for his soul on Facebook.

As per the news on FB, Nathan was Asheville’s native and Flat Shoals Baptist Church’s member. He had loved outdoor adventures on the water, mainly fishing and campfire.

Morgan’s family is currently devastated to hear his death news and mourns for their beloved son. He was the son of the late Pamela Annette Davis and Blane Morgan.