Christine Qulnn's Husband's Restraining Order Request Denied

Latest report Christine Qulnn’s Husband’s Restraining Order Request Denied – Christine Quinn, a former star of the Netflix series “Selling Sunset,” and her husband, Christian Richard, have been embroiled in a legal dispute over a restraining order. The Los Angeles Super Court temporarily denied Richard’s request for a restraining order against Quinn, citing that the facts presented did not show reasonable proof of past acts of abuse. This decision came after a judge issued a denial until another court hearing, scheduled for April 17, 2024.

Christine Qulnn's Husband's Restraining Order Request Denied
Christine Qulnn’s Husband’s Restraining Order Request Denied

Richard’s request for the restraining order was reportedly prompted by his allegations that Quinn lied to police about a domestic violence incident that led to his arrest. According to Richard, the incident involved a heated exchange where he allegedly threw a bag containing a glass bottle, which ended up hitting their 2-year-old son. Quinn, however, claimed that the bag did not contain glass and that there was no broken glass in the room or anywhere in the house.

Key Facts:

  • The court’s denial of Christian Richard’s restraining order request underscores the complexities of domestic violence cases and the challenges in proving abuse based on allegations.
  • The incident involving the glass bottle and the couple’s son highlights the potential for domestic violence incidents to inadvertently harm innocent parties, complicating the legal landscape.
  • The legal battle between Christian Richard and Christine Quinn sheds light on the broader issues of domestic violence, parental rights, and the impact of allegations on family dynamics.
  • The case serves as a reminder of the importance of evidence and the legal process in addressing allegations of domestic violence, emphasizing the need for careful consideration and thorough investigation.


In addition to the domestic violence incident, Richard also claimed that Quinn’s refusal to house or crate train their two dogs led to a constant mess in their home, filled with dog feces and urine. He further alleged that Quinn expressed a desire for 24-hour nanny coverage for their son, which he deemed inappropriate for two parents who are always with the child.

Richard’s request for the restraining order came after his arrest for alleged domestic violence, which occurred just 33 hours after his first arrest for violating a newly filed restraining order. The couple has been married since 2019, and their wedding was featured in Season 3 of “Selling Sunset”.

Christine Qulnn's Husband's Restraining Order Request Denied
Christine Qulnn’s Husband’s Restraining Order Request Denied

In contrast, Quinn filed for a temporary restraining order against Richard following his arrest. She claimed that Richard flew into a rage when she tried to discuss the family’s expenses and his lack of financial contribution, leading him to throw decorative items and urinate on the floor. Quinn also alleged that Richard threw dog feces at her during one of his fits of rage.

The judge ordered the estranged couple to participate in an online mediation to discuss custody and visitation of their child. If an agreement could not be reached, both parents were to participate in a mediation with a family court services mediator, tentatively scheduled for April 11 via videoconference mediation.

This legal dispute highlights the complexities of domestic disputes, especially those involving high-profile individuals and their children. The outcome of these proceedings will likely have significant implications for both parties, including their custody and financial arrangements.