Kim Kardashian Sued by Donald Judd's Foundation

The Donald Judd Foundation has initiated a lawsuit against Kim Kardashian, accusing her of falsely claiming that a set of tables in her office were designed by the late minimalist artist Donald Judd. This legal action stems from a 2022 YouTube video where Kardashian highlighted the tables, praising their design and aesthetic, which she described as “really amazing” and “totally blend in with the seats”. The foundation argues that these tables were not created by Donald Judd but by a company named Clements Design, which is accused of trademark and copyright infringement.

Kim Kardashian Sued by Donald Judd's Foundation
Kim Kardashian Sued by Donald Judd’s Foundation

Key Facts:

  • The Donald Judd Foundation sued Kim Kardashian for falsely claiming that tables in her office were created by Donald Judd, a Minimalist artist.
  • The lawsuit accuses Clements Design of trademark and copyright infringement for producing furniture that resembles Judd’s work.
  • The foundation’s policy prohibits the use of Donald Judd furniture for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • Clements Design defended itself by highlighting differences between its furniture and Judd’s work.
  • The Judd Foundation initially attempted to resolve the matter without litigation but was met with rejection of its offers.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, also names Clements Design, which is said to have produced the tables and chairs that bear a striking resemblance to Judd’s designs. The foundation claims that consumers are likely to believe that the Judd Foundation and the Donald Judd brand are connected or affiliated with, or otherwise sponsored or endorsed by Kardashian, which is categorically prohibited by the foundation.

Kim Kardashian Sued by Donald Judd's Foundation
Kim Kardashian Sued by Donald Judd’s Foundation

Clements Design has responded to the lawsuit, stating that there are “obvious key differences” between its furniture and the work of Judd, and that it was “blindsided” by the lawsuit. The company has been seeking an amicable resolution with the Judd Foundation but claims that the foundation was unwilling to settle on reasonable terms.

The Judd Foundation reached out to Kardashian’s team shortly after the video was posted, offering to resolve the matter without litigation. However, the foundation’s attempts to resolve the matter were met with what it claims were “delays and excuses from Ms. Kardashian and Clements Design.” The foundation insists that it does not want to be mixed up with Kardashian but aims to protect the legacy of Donald Judd.

The lawsuit highlights the foundation’s efforts to protect the artist’s legacy and prevent unauthorized use of Judd’s designs for marketing and promotional purposes. This is not the first time the Judd Foundation has taken legal action to protect the artist’s legacy, as it previously sued two art galleries for leaving permanent oily fingerprints on one of Judd’s sculptures.

The contested tables are in the kitchen of Kardashian’s California office and resemble two Judd pieces: La Mansana Table 22 and Chair 84. The lawsuit and the subsequent removal of the video from YouTube mark a significant legal challenge to Kardashian’s claims about the authenticity of the furniture in her office.

Kim Kardashian Sued By Late Artist Donald Judd For Furniture Lies

In response to the lawsuit, Kardashian’s team offered to update the video caption with a retraction and to promote the foundation in a social media post. However, these offers were not accepted by the Judd Foundation, which insists on the removal of the video and the recycling of the furniture.

The Donald Judd Foundation’s lawsuit against Kim Kardashian underscores the importance of protecting the legacy of artists and designers, as well as the legal implications of making false claims about the authenticity of artworks and designs.

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