These jobs will help you break into the entertainment industry

These jobs will help you break into the entertainment industry – The entertainment sector is closely followed by the general public. Its enduring popularity stems from this following. We humans will never be able to function without some form of amusement. We’ve never done it before, and we’re not going to start now. People in ancient Greece utilized masks and performed different identities to entertain themselves thousands of years ago.

We have so many types of entertainment in these modern times. We have movies, TV shows, sports, music, and many others.

These jobs will help you break into the entertainment industry
These jobs will help you break into the entertainment industry

People are directly or indirectly involved in this industry. There are many job opportunities in the entertainment industry. Every part of entertainment is a work of art, and there are many artists behind it. Here are the top jobs in the entertainment industry.


Producers are the main body behind the financing of filmmaking. They are the managers from the start till the end. Their main job includes securing the finances for film. They do it either from their own pockets or from other ambassadors. They are involved in everything. They select the script, hire the actors and actresses, and look after the working bodies. Their work doesn’t include going to the production site every day, but they look after the working people.

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Producer – These jobs will help you break into the entertainment industry


The average salary is $71,535 per year. This may vary upon the success of the film and its fame.


We are more familiar with them because we see them and follow their movies. Actors and actresses have one job, and it is a hard one. It is to present their characters as flawlessly as they can. Some actors are outstanding, and therefore, everyone knows them. We all are familiar with actors like Leonardo di Caprio and actresses like Angelina Jolie. Actors can work for commercials, theatre, and movies.

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The salary varies depending on the type of job, the fame of the actor or actress. However, the average salary is 50,911 per year.


Animators work on making different types of animated movies, whether 2D or 3D animations. These animators draw pictures by hand or through digital software. We can use animation for making movies or advertisements. Many production companies like Disney and Pixar are famous for their animated movies, and they hire many professional animators.


The salary for an average animator is $56,431 per year.


We cannot talk about entertainment and forget about directors. There are many world-famous directors like Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan. Their movies are so mind-blowing that people wait for them. Directing is an amazing job in entertainment. It includes guiding the actors and recording in different fancy ways. A director is always present at the production site.


A director’s salary depends on his fame, but the average is $143,658 per year.

Makeup artist

We need makeup artists during the filming process. They prepare the actors and actresses according to the character. Even makeup has advanced in these modern times. These artists can change your entire look through contouring and blending. They are skilled to use prosthetics on actors to prepare them for characters.

woman in blue and red shirtMakeup Artist


The average salary of a makeup artist is $41,174 per year.

Camera crew

The camera crew consists of people behind the camera, and they listen to the director’s orders. They also deal with equipment management and repair.


The average salary is $43,635 per year.


There is no entertainment without a story. We need a good story that interests everyone from the beginning till the end. These writers write the script for tv, serials, advertisements, etc. These writers can bring a change with their influence. Their words can reach thousands of people and make a change in the world. Many excellent writers receive awards for their work.


The average salary of a scriptwriter is $59,413 per year.

Marketing expert

We all need a marketing expert to promote the movies and tv shows. These entertainment marketers work on promotional campaigns and social media campaigns. They research new methods to promote upcoming movies and create hype about them. The marketers also look for brands to sponsor their work and campaigns. It is a mutual benefit method that facilitates both of them.


The average salary for entertainment marketing is $49,501 per year.

There are plenty of other exciting jobs in the media and entertainment industry. All these people make our lives entertaining and full of art through their work. You watch a comedy movie and feel better after that. It is a time well spent, and you have these people to thank.