Maribel Ramos Body Was Found After Days Of Missing Case, Murderer KC Joy Dateline

Maribel Ramos Body Was Found After Days Of Missing Case – On May 3, 2013, armed force veteran Maribel Ramos vanished suddenly, provoking specialists to investigate the missing individual case further. Kwang Chol ‘KC’ Joy, her flat mate, was the objective of everybody’s consideration.

Netflix’s “Most horrendously terrible Roommate Ever” annals this real story exhaustively. Euphoria Ramos had pretty much completed her law enforcement degree and was living with Joy in a California loft when she disappeared.

Maribel Ramos Body Was Found After Days Of Missing Case, Murderer KC Joy Dateline

What Befell the Missing Maribel Ramos?

A Body Found The assortment of missing Maribel Ramos was found in a grave days after the fact, on May 17, in an isolated piece of California’s Modjeska Canyon.

The quick request prompted her sweetheart, Paul Lopez, who was the last individual she had addressed. Ramos had demonstrated a quarrel with Joy over their lease installments, Lopez informed the police.

The lease was expected the following day, however Joy said he was unable to stand to pay his month’s lease. Ramos let him know that she needed him out of her home the following morning now.

Things, notwithstanding, got ugly. Reconnaissance cameras laid out in the area, luckily, incredibly helped the specialists. On May 2, 2013, at around 8:30 p.m., Ramos was most recently seen alive.

She was giving off the lease check at the front work area at that point, in the wake of talking with Lopez. At the point when Joy was interrogated concerning her vanishing, all he addressed was that he was out for a drive at that point.

Maribel Ramos Age And Wikipedia

Maribel Ramos was 36 years of age when she was killed. She was born in November 1976. She had aimed 100% of the time to work in regulation implementation and later enlisted in the Army. Maribel was respectably released in 2008 following eight years of administration, remembering two visits for Iraq.

In addition, she had as of late finished her law enforcement degree at California State University, Fullerton, at the hour of her kidnapping. The 36-year-old imparted a condo to a flat mate in Orange, California.

Maribel Ramos Cause of Death

When Maribel Ramos’ dead body was found, the remaining parts were too debased to even consider deciding the reason for death. Kwang Choi “K.C.” Joy, matured 55, was viewed as at fault for killing Maribel Ramos.

Maribel had mentioned Joy to leave the condo after the vicious contention between the flat mates since he was unable to bear to pay the lease.

This, as per investigators, is the point at which the homicide occurred. They additionally expressed that Joy was enamored with the perished, yet that she had not communicated her sentiments to him. Euphoria had gotten a medical procedure to make her eyes look more youthful and had paid for both of them to go on a get-away.