According to Time, the idea of paid parental leave isn’t new. The concept has been going around in Congress throughout several administrations, including that of former President Donald Trump. During his time in office, paid parental leave was a bipartisan issue, but nothing came of the proposal. Now, it seems paid leave may be back on the table in Congress. A team of Democratic senators, including Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, are looking to improve the Family and Medical Leave Act, which provides the right to unpaid family leave. Congress wants to amend the act to include paid parental leave, per Glamour.

“We have paid the price of not having a national paid leave program. It’s the price of people having to make that heart-wrenching decision of ‘Do I sit by my mother’s side as she’s dying, or do I get a paycheck to feed my children?” Gillibrand said in a press conference. She added, “Do I stay with my special-needs infant who has been born prematurely while she’s struggling for her life … or do I stay in my job and make sure that I have enough money to feed that child and buy her diapers and buy her formula?’ It’s heartbreaking.”

This will be the fifth time in eight years Congress has attempted to pass this legislation. It has failed every time. However, Gillibrand and her colleagues are not giving up without a fight.

Post source: The List

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