15-Year-Old Beats Schoolgirl into COMA by 'RAGING MEAN GIRL'

Report 15-Year-Old Beats Schoolgirl into COMA by ‘RAGING MEAN GIRL’ – The incident involving Kaylee Gain, a 15-year-old schoolgirl, being beaten into a coma by Maurnice DeClue, another 15-year-old, unfolded in a shocking manner that has garnered significant attention and concern. The incident took place at Hazelwood East High School in St. Louis County, Missouri, minutes after the school day had ended. The fight between the two teenagers quickly escalated, with DeClue gaining the upper hand and pulling Gain to the ground. The attack was brutal, with DeClue pummelling Gain in the head and upper body. Despite attempts by a bystander to intervene, the situation quickly devolved into chaos, with other students engaging in separate fights while Gain lay unconscious on the pavement.

15-Year-Old Beats Schoolgirl into COMA by 'RAGING MEAN GIRL'
15-Year-Old Beats Schoolgirl into COMA by ‘RAGING MEAN GIRL’ | Youtube

Key Facts:

  • The severity of the Incident: The attack was brutal, with DeClue repeatedly slamming Gain’s head into the concrete, leading to severe brain damage and putting Gain in critical condition.
  • Legal Response: The Missouri Attorney General has called for DeClue to be tried as an adult, reflecting the gravity of the crime.
  • Community Response: The Hazelwood School District has condemned violence and bullying within the community, offering support to those affected.
  • Impact on the Victim’s Family: The family of the victim has shared their struggle, emphasizing the financial and emotional strain of the situation.
  • Public Reaction: The incident has sparked public outrage and discussions about the justice system’s approach to handling violent crimes committed by minors.

The attack was particularly gruesome, with DeClue pulling Gain’s head about two feet above the concrete and slamming it into the cement. This action was repeated, with the sound of Gain’s head hitting the concrete being described as a sickening thud. The severity of the attack was such that observers realized something terrible had happened, leading to the attacker and those who had witnessed the beating moving on to other fights, leaving Gain alone and unconscious on the pavement.

Following the incident, St. Louis Police arrested a 15-year-old suspect, who was being held in St. Louis County Family Court on assault charges. The determination of whether DeClue will be charged as an adult is still pending. In the aftermath of the incident, DeClue’s family has claimed that she is the victim of bullying and that she was lured to the fight location. This claim has added a layer of complexity to the situation, raising questions about the motivations behind the attack and the broader context of bullying and violence within the school environment.

The incident has sparked a conversation about the prevalence of bullying and violence among teenagers, the role of bystanders in such situations, and the need for effective interventions to prevent such incidents. It has also highlighted the importance of support for victims of violence and the need for comprehensive strategies to address bullying and violence in schools.

This detailed account of the incident provides a glimpse into the tragic consequences of bullying and violence among teenagers, underscoring the urgent need for community, school, and legal interventions to protect young people and ensure their safety.

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