John Caudwell Son Health Update 2022: Does Rufus Caudwell Have Lyme Disease? Illness Explained

John Caudwell Son Health Update 2022: John Caudwell, a British billionaire and the country’s highest taxpayer, established Phones 4u and also invests in real estate, fashion, and other businesses.

John Caudwell is the founder of Phones 4u and one of the UK’s largest taxpayers. He invests in fashion, real estate, and other businesses.

John Caudwell Son Health Update 2022: Does Rufus Caudwell Have Lyme Disease? Illness Explained

Because his family had the misfortune of testing positive for Lyme disease in 2014, the businessman has actively advocated chronic Lyme disease research in the UK.

John Caudwell Son Health Update 2022

John Caudwell’s son was the first family to suffer from an illness that eventually affected his entire family.

Caudwell went public about the health issue they faced in 2015 and was devastated when he knew what his son was going through.

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Rufus had suffered from panic attacks, travel sickness, and public anxiety for ten years, and doctors could not pinpoint a cause, so they called it a mental health issue.

Later, it got revealed that John’s lad got diagnosed with Lyme and himself, Kate McFarlane, his ex-wife, their two daughters Rebekah and Libby, and other members.

Does Rufus Caudwell Have Lyme Disease?

Yes, Rufus Caudwell got diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2014 with his other ten family members.

The disease is generated by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, which transmits to humans through the bite of infected black-legged ticks.

Furthermore, almost 30,000 Americans get diagnosed with Lyme each year. And among them, the Caudwell family were also the ones to get infected with the disease.

It often gets misdiagnosed as the symptoms can be drastically varied from the others, like severe headaches, anxiety, fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea, and arthritis. Furthermore, if left untreated, it can steal a person’s quality of life.

Rufus Caudwell Illness Explained

Rufus Caudwell is doing fine now and has become much healthier than before.

Caudwell spent more than a decade of his life recovering from Lyme disease. His family has played a significant role in providing him with mental support and bettering his condition.

John broke down in tears remembering when they thought they would lose his son. They even had to have people watch over him in his bedroom 24/7 if he tried to commit suicide as he was going through a lot.

Furthermore, the billionaire also shared that Rufus often confessed to them that the only thing that kept him alive was his parent’s love and support to see him healthier and fight for him when he was in pain.

Furthermore, the businessman pledged to donate more than one million pounds in 2018 to help fund chronic Lyme disease research and kept his condition that the NHS should match his investment for a better future.

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