Parents' Choice in Class Photo Leads to 'Disbelief' Over Erin's Exclusion

The incident involving the exclusion of disabled children from class photos at Aboyne Primary School in Scotland has sparked widespread outrage and concern among parents and the wider community. The controversy was highlighted by Natalie Pinnell, a mother of two, who was shocked to discover that her nine-year-old daughter Erin was not included in some of the class photos. This decision was reportedly offered by Tempest Photography, the company responsible for taking the photos, which allegedly provided parents with the option to remove children with disabilities, including Erin, from the class photos.

Parents' Choice in Class Photo Leads to 'Disbelief' Over Erin's Exclusion
Parents’ Choice in Class Photo Leads to ‘Disbelief’ Over Erin’s Exclusion

Natalie expressed her deep distress over the situation, describing the experience as “devastating” and likening it to “erasing her child from history.” She expressed concern for her daughter’s self-esteem and the potential psychological impact of such an exclusion. Natalie also highlighted the broader implications of this incident, stating that it undermines the efforts of the school to foster inclusivity and equality among its students. She vowed never to use Tempest Photography again and urged other parents to boycott the company in solidarity.

Another parent, Lisa Boyd, shared a similar experience with her daughter Lily, who uses a wheelchair. Lily was also excluded from an alternative photo, leaving her nine-year-old twin sister distraught. This incident further illustrates the extent of the problem and the emotional distress it causes to the affected children and their families.

The Aberdeenshire Council, which oversees Aboyne Primary School, acknowledged the situation and expressed its regret over the distress caused to the parents and carers. The council emphasized that the decision to remove children from the class photos was not made by the school and that Aboyne Primary School is committed to inclusivity. The council also stated that the issue has been taken up with Tempest Photography, which has issued a statement apologizing for the upset caused and promising to implement changes to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Tempest Photography’s statement highlighted that the decision to take additional images of the class group, which omitted some members, was not standard procedure for the company. The company expressed its commitment to addressing the issue seriously and to making meaningful changes to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Parents' Choice in Class Photo Leads to 'Disbelief' Over Erin's Exclusion
Parents’ Choice in Class Photo Leads to ‘Disbelief’ Over Erin’s Exclusion

This incident underscores the importance of inclusivity and the need for schools and photography companies to ensure that all children, regardless of their abilities, are included in class photos and other school-related activities. It also raises questions about the ethical considerations and potential legal implications of offering parents the option to exclude children with disabilities from photos. The situation at Aboyne Primary School serves as a stark reminder of the importance of inclusivity and the potential harm that can result from excluding children from group activities.

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