After long anticipation, Queen Bee Chapter 272 has been finally released on Toptoon. And just like me, everyone wants to know one thing only. What happened to Amy? Queen Bee’s last chapter has created a buzz like no other manhwa of this genre did. Most of the readers are holding their breath to know what happens. The spoilers for this chapter has been posted on @Youngnoy18plus and can be deleted at any time, so you can check that out fast. In the meantime, we will let you know what exactly happened in the chapter.

Even though there were a few spoilers available but we have tried our best to put up a detailed summary of the chapter. The most recent chapter of this manhwa, which is also known as The Landlord’s Little Girl, has generated a lot of excitement. Readers and viewers will be shocked to learn what Dalsu has in store for Amy. Author Active Volcano has previously retracted several of the criticisms levied against this manhwa. Toptoon users especially enjoyed the last chapter and are eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Summary of Queen Bee Chapter 272

Queen Bee Chapter 272 is titled, ‘It’s over soon.’ So did it happen? The answer is no. The author pulled another bait in this chapter. The author has done it in a way that the readers now have to wait for another week. For now, Amy fans can cheer up but still, the situation hasn’t been sorted out for now. So basically Dalsu has been blackmailing to Kill Pyo. And in this chapter, Amy seems to keep begging that don’t touch even a single hair of my son. She has threatened them that she will kill everyone if they did anything to his son.

It seems the author has portrayed the chapter like this Dalsu might do something with Amy in the next chapter or escape the situation. And I think it’s going to happen next week probably. Amy will give in to Dalsu for keeping Pyo safe.

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Pyo anger

One of the spoilers, shows Pyo and Amy having a conversation on the telephone. Pyo tried to resonate with her mother saying they will try to improve their condition. And also told her that he had come to look for Hyuna. I think this is the scene before Hyuna died. He also tells her mom to stay away from the Yoo family and if they did something again he will definitely kill them all this time. So now what is going to happen next week will surely keep the readers on the edge of their seats.

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