Tribute Ceremony for Bob Dole at U.S. Capitol - Who is Bob Dole's first wife? Death Cause

Tribute Ceremony for Bob Dole at U.S. Capitol – Some rumors claim that Phyllis Holden death cause is cancer.

Phyllis was professionally recognized as an occupational therapist. Reportedly, she worked at a veterans hospital near Michigan.

The couples were married in 1948, just three months after their first date. Unfortunately, their marriage ended on January 11, 1972.

Obituary: Was Phyllis Holden Death Cause Cancer?

Phyllis Holden’s death cause was not cancer. Continue reading this obituary to find out how she passed away.


Reportedly, Phyllis died on April 22, 2008. According to ABTC, the cause of her demise is suspected to be Renal failure.

After 13 years of Holden’s passing, we are sad to inform you that her former husband, Bob Dole is no more. According to Wikipedia, he left the world on December 5, 2021.

It seems netizens got confused regarding Phyllis and Bob’s cause of death. Well, Celebsaga can confirm that it was the latter who died of cancer.

Back in 1991, Bob had to undergo surgery for prostate cancer. Later, he suffered from erectile dysfunction.

In February 2021, he was diagnosed with lungs cancer. Moreover, he announced that he was suffering from Stage 4.

Bob Dole, longtime GOP Senator and presidential nominee, lies in state at US Capitol - ABC News

Eventually, Dole underwent immunotherapy instead of chemotherapy. Reportedly, he didn’t want to have negative effects on his body.

At the age of 98, he passed away because of the same disease. Right now, social media is filled with Bob’s death tributes.

Furthermore, several politicians have passed their condolences to his family. Interestingly, President Joe Biden has ordered flags be flown at half-staff on December 9, 2021.


Meet Bob Dole First Wife Phyllis Holden Who Died In 2008

Phyllis Holden has been recognized as the first wife of Bob Dole. She is no more with us to mourn Holden’s death.

After their divorce, Bob tied the knot with his second spouse, Elizabeth Hanford. Reportedly, the couples were married on December 6, 1975.

Speaking about Phyllis’s former husband, Dole was an American attorney and politician. Well, he had served as both a Senate Majority Leader and Senate Minority Leader.

Moreover, he was the leader of the Senate Republican Conference and had also served as the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee. Furthermore, Bob was a ranking member of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Also, he had served as the United States Senator from Kansas from 1969 to 1996. Well, he was a Republican throughout his life.



Did Phyllis And Bob Have Children?

Phyllis Holden and Bob Dole had just one child. Reporteedly, she is recognized as being Robin Dole‘s mother.

There’s nothing much to know about her daughter in 2021. Moreover, we can claim that Bob didn’t have any children with his second partner.

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