Andrey Liscovich Uber Wikipedia: Meet The CEO Of Uber Works Who Is Working Logistics & Supply Chain In Ukraine

Andrey Liscovich Uber Wikipedia: Andrey Liscovich, a former Uber executive, garnered notice after coming to Ukraine for a volunteer logistics operation.

Andrey is well-known for his work as the founder and CEO of Uber Works. He relocated to Ukraine from San Francisco to manage a volunteer logistics effort.

Andrey Liscovich Uber Wikipedia: Meet The CEO Of Uber Works Who Is Working Logistics & Supply Chain In Ukraine

He has previously helped people with financial concerns like healthcare and education. When the crisis in Ukraine arose, however, Liscovich offered to assist the country.

Andrey is in the news right now, and a lot of people want to know more about him. Learn more about the former CEO of Uber Works who is supporting Ukrainians with combat logistics.

Andrey Liscovich Uber Wikipedia: Who Is He? Bio

Andrey does not have a Wikipedia page, but he does have over 500 LinkedIn connections. The former CEO of Uber Works was born and raised in the city of Zaporizhzhia in southeastern Ukraine.

According to his educational history, Liscovich obtained his Ph.D. from Harvard University. In addition, he started working at Uber Technologies.

According to his LinkedIn page, Andrey started working for Uber in 2017 and spent nearly a year as the Chief Executive Officer of Uber Works.

On February 26, Andrey arrived in Ukraine to assist with logistics. He said that in the previous week, he had raised more than $40,000.

He has also set up a website called to help the country.

Andrey Liscovich, the CEO of Uber Works, Net worth

Andrey was previously the CEO of Uber Works. He previously served as the CEO of Uber Works for over three years.

Liscovich spent nearly a year as the vice president of Data Science at Shuddle before joining Uber. In his professional life, Andrey has a long list of achievements.

He hasn’t revealed his current earnings, however. His net worth is also being scrutinized, though no exact statistics are available.

Hopefully, additional information regarding Uber’s former CEO, who is currently assisting Ukrainian logistical operations, will become available.

Andrey Liscovich’s Parents: Who Are They? Get to Know His Family

Andrey hasn’t said anything about his family, except that his Ukrainian parents have fled to Western Polan. “The war is the worst catastrophe he has ever experienced,” he added.

“I want my family to be safe in their home, in their country,” Liscovich said. He’s on the hunt for a means to make a difference right now.

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