What Happened To Lil Jon Eyes? Illness Or Just For Style - Why Does He Always Wear Sunglasses?

What Happened To Lil Jon Eyes? Jon is an American rapper who is usually in the spotlight because fans are fascinated by his eyes and wonder why he always wears sunglasses.

‘Lil Jon’ used to go by the stage name ‘Jonathan Smith,’ but he recently changed it to ‘Lil Jon.’ He is a well-known and established American rapper who has had a successful musical career.

What Happened To Lil Jon Eyes? Illness Or Just For Style - Why Does He Always Wear Sunglasses?

“Crunk” is the term used to describe his rapping style. He is a well-known ‘DJ’ in the United States in addition to being a rapper. His hip-hop style has made him instantly recognizable among his devoted following.

Lil Jon is one-third of an unofficial trio comprising of Atlanta-based artists Ludacris and Usher, and frequently collaborates with Miami-based rapper Pitbull, Oakland-based rappers Too Short and E-40.

What Happened To Lil Jon Eyes?

Until now, Lil Jon has remained silent on the subject of his eyes. Jon appears to be in good health and doing well in his music career.

Likewise, netizens are curious and pondering they have never seen his bare eyes. However, the rapper himself has not said anything related to his eyes.

Further, people on the internet have their presumptions and assumptions about the rapper’s eyes. Some people say one should ask Lil about it first of all. In contrast, the other states, “They’re his signature, and I believe he first started wearing them in public to hide his eyes. He may have a lazy eye or another condition, or he may simply be too “crunk” to reveal his eyes.”

Why Does Lil Jon Always Wear Sunglasses?

Lil Jon is believed to wear Oakley sunglasses only for the cool factor. As we all know, sunglasses are commonly used to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays and other light sources.

However, many people wear it for a relaxed aesthetic. They enjoy displaying the unique and exciting aspects of their lives. They always wear sunglasses because of this.

“He is on E! networks broadcast of Howard Stern’s radio program…some dude called him out during a phone call to the show, and he raised his shades…regular eyes, he rolled them around, no lazy ness, looks like a normal black dude!” stated one of his online followers.

Moreover, many followers have just assumed and explained that the rapper wears sunglass all the time. As “you can see, Lil is one of America’s most talented black singers, and he enjoys wearing various types of sunglasses regularly. Anyway, his favorite pair of sunglasses is white sunglasses, and it comprises white frames with black lenses. You can find many of them at Amazon’s online store, where the prices are reasonable, and the alternatives are plenty.”

Additionally, one says he Lil has been using prescription glasses in high school and suffers from lazy eyes he looked on the internet for photographs of him wearing prescription glasses and not wearing sunglasses, and he feels sorry to learn that he had some vision problems when he was younger.

What do We Know About Lil Jon?

Lil Jon is an American rapper, DJ, record producer, and former leader of the multi-platinum-selling rap group Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. On January 17, 1972, he was born. Lil’s role in the birth of the Crunk hip hop subgenre is credited with bringing the music mainstream prominence.

In 2013, he partnered with DJ Snake of France to make (Turn Down For What), and EDM hit that has gone 6x multi-platinum in the United States as of 2021. The song was also nominated for a Billboard Music Award for Best Dance/Electronic Song.

As of January 2022, the accompanying music video was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Music Video and viewed over 1.08 billion times on YouTube.

In 2016, he was named one of the Top Billboard Music Award Winners of All Time for his work as a songwriter on Bay Area rapper Saweetie’s song (My Type), which reached number one on Billboard’s Rhythmic Chart. He was also a songwriter on Saweetie’s single (Tap In), which reached number two on the same chart.

Moreover, lots of information has flowed on the internet related to his eyes and wearing sunglass all the time; however, the rapper has been tight-lipped about this data.