Ben Tonra Twitter: UCD Professor Resigns Over College Tweets Response On Ukraine - Wife And Family Details 

Ben Tonra Twitter – Ben Tonra, a UCD professor, has resigned as vice principal for internationalization and global engagement. Continue reading.

Ben Tonra is an international relations professor at University College Dublin, a Dublin-based public research university.

Ben Tonra Twitter: UCD Professor Resigns Over College Tweets Response On Ukraine -  Wife And Family Details 

Tonra is a European foreign, security, and military policy think tank that educates, studies, and publishes. He is also interested in Irish foreign, security, and defense policy, as well as international relations.

The professor is also a Royal Irish Academy member. He formerly served as the chair of the Academy’s International Affairs Standing Committee.

Previously, he worked at the Department of International Politics at the University of Wales, Trinity College, and CSIS.

Ben Tonra Twitter: UCD Professor Ben Tonra Resigns Over College Tweets and Response On Ukraine

UCD Professor Ben Tonra Resigns over the college’s muted Tweet response on the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Following the resignation of a high-level employee, UCD received negative feedback for their “underwhelming” Tweets. As a result, they have moved to clarify their position on the war once more.

Other universities have strongly condemned the invasion of Ukraine, while UCS has stated only that it is concerned about the situation in Ukraine.

Prof Ben Tonra was “deeply, deeply ashamed” by this response. He stated that the presence of the Chinese government-funded Confucius Institute on campus is becoming growingly divisive among academics.

Prof Tonra also made a Twitter statement based on. According to the university’s statement, he does not represent similar views that underpin UCD’s global engagement approach.

He will continue to teach and conduct research at the university. But will step down as vice-principal for internationalization and global engagement.

Ben Tonra Wife And Family Details

Despite an immense presence in social media, Ben Tonra remains tight-lipped when it comes to his wife and his family.

Ben is certainly a married man with children, as evidenced by his tweets and Facebook posts. However, he does not post their photos or personal information on the internet.

The veteran professor continues to post photos on various occasions such as Christmas, Father’s Day, and so on. But he rarely posts beautiful selfies with his family and relatives.

Ben Tonra Net Worth Explored

Ben Tonra has an estimated net worth of $400,000 to $650,000.

Ben was the Vice-Principal of Internationalization and Global Engagement at the University College Dublin College of Social Sciences and Law.

Although he resigned from that post, he is still a professor and director at UCD Institute for British Irish Studies.

As per hub.ucd, the salary of professor ranger from $35,598 to $84,177 in 2022. And since Ben is a seasoned professor and holds top-level posts at the university, it appears that he earns over $80,000.

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