Cat Burglar Netflix Answers – Are you planning to watch Cat Burglar on Netflix and want to know the answers so you can complete the show? If yes, you have indeed landed in the right place.

Cat Burglar is a brand new interactive cartoon created by the Black Mirror crew. It initially aired on Netflix on February 22, 2020.

Cat Burglar Netflix Answers - Interactive Trivia Cartoon Quiz System And Stages Explained

You might find the animation in the cartoon attractive and fascinating if you watch the trailer or any random clips. But don’t be fooled by the title; it’s nothing like any other animation.

Cat Burglar Netflix Answers To Know

To watch Cat Burglar, you will have to answer a series of difficult questions to solve the terrible death of Rowdy, the cat you will be playing for.

Cat Burglar’s theme is relatively basic. You’ll have to answer questions and do your best to save Rowdy, a cat thief who is attempting to steal valuable paintings without alerting the museum’s dog security.

And while we can’t handle the stress of every Cat Burglar detail that varies from match to match. However, we can provide some essential responses to your key questions.

First oaf all, Rowdy needs to get over the wall. So that Rowdy can start his burglary mission. And then comes the deathtrap which includes many stages.

The tightrope walk, grappling hook, pole vault, and shovel are some of the first death levels.

Second, Rowdy must defeat the dog guard, which will be accomplished through the phases of Seasick ahoy, Shadow hand puppets, The baseball bat, and Playing the violin.

Cat Burglar Interactive Cartoon Quiz System

The interactive cartoon quiz system of Cat Burglar contains six action points. It starts from the opening through Rowdy successfully stealing the museum’s treasures.

To continue, you must successfully answer three questions in 15 seconds, and if you miss even one question, Rowdy will die.

Because there are so many questions throughout the film, it’s extremely tough for one playthrough to be identical to another.

Cat Burglar Netflix Stages Explained

As previously stated, Netflix’s Cat Burglar is divided into several stages that you must pass through.

The first is to get over the wall inside the Gallary. The second is to distract the guard Dog Peanut and disable the monitoring system, and the third is to confront the Guard Dog Peanut many times and steal the vault key from him.

Then you must reach the painting without being identified by the lasers after you get the vault key.

Surprisingly, completing all of the stages in a single tey will allow you to finish the cartoon in under fifteen minutes.

If you fail, though, there is a ninety-minute animation that strolls you through numerous scenarios.