DJ Kerozen Accident: Is He Hospitalized? Result In Serious Injuries - Background Data On Wikipedia  

The accident photos of DJ Kerozen that caused serious injuries are circulating on the internet. 

Recently there have been rumors that DJ Kerozens has met with an accident. It is also speculated that he has received several injuries and is hospitalized. 

DJ Kerozen Accident: Is He Hospitalized? Result In Serious Injuries - Background Data On Wikipedia  


Photos: DJ Kerozen Accident Result In Serious Injuries

The photos from an accident site allegedly involving DJ Kerozen and claim that it caused him serious injuries are circulating on social media. A source on Twitter reported that the incident took place when he was returning from Yarko for the Drogba campaign. 

It also added that two Range Rovers are not in recoverable condition. In addition, the damage is severe, which means whoever was involved in the accident has also suffered from injuries. 

Thus, it is said that he had been hospitalized. However, looking at his IG-handled post several hours ago, it seemed that he was traveling to Yakro for the election. 

Because of that reason, the accident news seems to be relevant. Although the news media has not talked about the incident yet, netizens believe it. 

They are already praying for his safety as they think he has been hospitalized. Many people have started commenting on the post hoping everything is alright. 

What Happened To DJ Kerozen?

DJ Kerozen is rumored to have met a road accident. The picture of two vehicles wrecked to the point that it is hard to determine their condition is flowing on the internet. 

However, the news is yet to be confirmed by relevant sources. Moreover, the police have also not come forward to provide details about it. 

Until and unless there is any word about his accident from official sources, we may need to pray for him and his safety.

 DJ Kerozen Background Data On Wikipedia

DJ Kerozen’s background information is unavailable on Wikipedia. However, his details are mentioned on the web.

According to a source, he was born on the banks of the Ébrié lagoon (Abidjan), specifically in the Siporex region. He began his career as a disc jockey (DJ) at a little maquis named “Le Titré” in Yopougon’s Siporex neighborhood.

He worked in a maquis in another town in the capital (Abobo) before returning to Yopougon and the “Champion’s League” and “Ministry of La Joie” maquis on Princess Street.

In 2004, as a student in his final year at Princess Street, he decided to leave school and devote himself to music. He opted to start his musical career as a vocalist in 2005.

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