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Counting On fans are beginning to rebel against TLC amid the newly released Duggar docuseries trailer. They have a lot to say about the family’s strict religious beliefs and the way the network gave them a larger platform. So, what specifically prompted fans to rebel? Scroll down to get all of the details and see what fans are saying about the network.

For years, the Duggar family had a platform on TLC. Their show 17 Kids & Counting premiered in 2008. It was then retitled 18 Kids & Counting and later was called 19 Kids & Counting as their family grew. It came to an end in 2015 and a spin-off, Counting On, premiered later that year.

Duggar family - TLC - Duggar docuseries
Duggar family – TLC – Duggar docuseries

Now, as more of the family’s dark secrets surface, fans are wondering whether TLC should be held responsible.

Duggar Docuseries Trailer Released

This week, Amazon released the trailer for the new Duggar docuseries, Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. It premieres on Amazon Prime Video on June 2 and reveals another side of the family’s life. It particularly highlights their connection to the IBLP (Institute in Basic Life Principles) and the religious organization’s various scandals.

In the trailer, it’s mentioned that “TLC created a PR show for Gothard’s teachings.” Bill Gothard is the founder of the IBLP.

Shiny Happy People - YouTube - Duggar Docuseries trailer
Shiny Happy People – YouTube – Duggar Docuseries trailer

Does this mean that TLC is responsible for spreading the teachings of the IBLP’s leader?

Fans Rebel Against TLC

On Reddit, fans and critics of the Duggar family are discussing the trailer and this particular line about TLC and the IBLP. Many are wondering if the network should be “held accountable” for spreading this information and giving the Duggars such a large platform for so many years. Someone pointed out, “If TLC was held accountable for all of the criminals they’ve promoted, there would be no TLC.”

Another Reddit user added, “TLC like these shows that are controversial and the profits are worth the backlash.”

Others seem to agree that TLC just wants more money. Regardless of what kind of publicity they may get from the Duggar docuseries, they will be getting more attention.

In the past, fans have expressed that they feel TLC doesn’t truly care about this kind of thing. In a comment, one fan questioned the network’s ethics and asked, “The same network that gave a platform for child beauty pageants? That TLC?”

So, do you agree with the fans who are rebelling against TLC amid the release of the Duggar docuseries trailer? Or do you think TLC isn’t actually to blame? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggars.

Below, you can check out the Duggar docuseries trailer released this week. Don’t miss it when it premieres on Amazon Prime Video on June 2.

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