Polly Rogers Video Accident Reddit: Who Is Somio.95 Twitter?

Polly Rogers Video Accident Reddit: Somio.95 Twitter has circulated a video on Polly Rogers’s bus accident.

The post shared on Twitter about Polly Roger’s bus accident make Netizens curious that they started looking for its detail on the internet.

Rogers’s bus Accident Video Clips Go Viral on Twitter and Reddit. she died in a bus accident, and Polly Rogers’ viral video went viral four years after her death on several social media platforms.

Who Is Somio.95 Twitter?

Following her death four years ago, some internet users are looking for a video of the tragedy. However, the video is no longer available on the internet, and some people used it as clickbait, leading to other users searching for information about her untimely death.

Polly Rogers Video Accident Reddit: Who Is Somio.95 Twitter?
Polly Rogers Died as she met an accident

somio.95 shared a YouTube clip. On May 1, 2018, Polly Rogers died after falling out of a party bus window. She was a 20-year-old University of North Carolina at Charlotte student.

She slipped out of an emergency window while driving and landed in the center lane of the road, where she was hit by two automobiles. On the spot, she was proclaimed dead.

Rogers was leaning against the glass and the locks on the emergency window were broken, according to the father of another bus passenger that night. She fell out of the window by accident.

Somio.95 UNC Polly Rogers Bus Accident – Video On Reddit

Polly Rogers, a 20-year-old UNC Charlotte student, was killed on May 1, 2018, when she fell out of an emergency window and into the street at a Kappa Sigma fraternity event.
There are no leads in the case, despite authorities investigating whether it was pulled purposefully or by accident. As a result, her death was eventually ruled an accident. The original post on Reddit has been removed by the user.

Meet Polly Rogers Parents – Tributes

The father of UNC Charlotte student Polly Rogers spoke with Alexandra Elich of WCCB Charlotte about his daughter’s death. ‘Be kind to one another,’ Tim Rogers wears a bracelet that states. Polly is one of several recollections dad has of his daughter.

Tim Rogers misses his daughter Polly
Tim Rogers misses his daughter Polly

Tim is focused on his family, which includes his wife and two sons, Will and Patrick. Polly’s memory will be honored with a sensory garden. It will be held at UNC Charlotte’s Botanical Gardens. Tim and his family will be able to heal in yet another way.

“It’s true that I’m broken. No, it’s not ruined. Then we won’t be able to create a sensory garden, and we won’t be able to link Polly’s narrative to those who need it and can be inspired by it.”