Succession Season 4 Release Date: Succession is one of the rare TV shows that can bring people together from all over the world.

The millionaire Roy and his dysfunctional progeny spend their days plotting and scheming to have one of them named the next CEO of the family’s global media empire on the HBO popular drama (which might also be labelled a satirical black comedy). The third season moved into “full beast mode,” with Kendall the son attempting a television-documented revolution against his father. Kendall’s demise was tragically broadcast on television as well.

In the third and last season’s conclusion, which aired in December 2021, the writers provided a shocking resolution that left viewers wanting more information immediately.

Sadly, we have to be patient and wait.

Ready to go “full beast mode” yourself? Digital Spy has you covered with a thorough rundown of what you need to know about the upcoming fourth season of Succession. Since there are so many, it’s possible that you’ll need to reschedule some of today’s meetings.

Succession Season 4 Release Date

HBO has announced that the premiere date for Season 4 of Succession will be March 26, 2023.

Succession Season 4 Cast

With the family at war, it’s likely that everyone with any clout will show up again (assuming nothing happens to jeopardise that behind the scenes).

  • Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch
  • Brian Cox as Logan Roy.
  • Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy.
  • Peter Friedman as Frank Vernon.
  • Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans.
  • Alan Ruck as Connor Roy.
  • Sarah Snook as Shiv Roy.

Succession Season 4 Plot

The official summary for Season 4 was issued in June, and it read as follows: “In the 10-episode Season 4, the sale of media giant Waystar Royco to tech genius Lukas Matsson gets increasingly closer. As the Roy family wonders what their life would be like once the sale is finalised, “the idea of this seismic sale creates existential agony and familial discord.”

A fight for control develops as the family considers a future in which their influence in society and politics will be significantly diminished. Although brief, this synopsis makes it clear that the fourth season of Succession will feature an all-out war between the family and the business.

Since Logan has sold out his family and agreed to a buyout of Waystar Royco, a significant part of what drives him will be removed. Where does that leave him, then? It’s possible that selling Waystar to Matsson wasn’t the Hail Mary he was hoping for, despite his cunning.

Everyone important has been dumped by their main squeeze. Tom, who had been beating her senseless, has finally bit back with Shiv, leaving her for the dead (not that he knows she knows this, of course). She may play the long game in seeking revenge, but we have no doubt she will not take well to being betrayed in such a way. The one person Roman could have trusted, Gerri, has betrayed him to advance her own goals. Next, there’s Kendall, whose sanity is literally dangling by a thread.

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In season four, the siblings will have to devise a new plan to gain control of the situation before it’s too late. There will be chaos either way. At least Connor will have one thing to look forward to (if you look at it that way): tying the knot with his resentful soul mate, Willa Ferreyra.

Succession is a programme in which art often imitates life, so it’s possible that the showrunners will make a nod to Jeremy Strong’s recent interview with The New Yorker, in which he admitted that the boundaries between himself and his on-screen persona have begun to blur.

Life and death, in my opinion,” Strong stated. “[Kendall] is just as important to me as my own life,” he said. The piece, unfortunately, sparked widespread mockery on the internet, prompting a number of famous people to speak up in the actor’s defence. The late great Cox was among them (via Deadline).

Cox claimed, “The whole piece was Jeremy’s idea.” He insisted on doing it despite repeated warnings from those who knew the dangers. I feel bad for him because he got hoisted by it. Playing Kendall was a huge mistake since it exposed him to a lot of danger.


Succession Season 4 Teaser

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