US Drone Strike: Who Is ISIS Leader Killed In Syria Maher al-Agal? Wikipedia

US Drone Strike: Who Is ISIS Leader Killed In Syria Maher al-Agal? ISIS leader killed in Syria by US Drone strike was identified as Maher al-Agal, he is believed to be one of the five top leaders of the terrorist organization operating mainly from Syria and Iraq.

As the United States of America continues to secure its and its’s partner’s security by eliminating terrorist organizations and leaders, they recently announced the killing of ISIS leader Maher al-Agal after a strategical drone strike according to The Washington Post.

US Drone Strike: Who Is ISIS Leader Killed In Syria Maher al-Agal?

The drone strike was performed at a village called Khaltan, 35 miles west of Aleppo in Syria on a motorcycle that was being ridden by ISIS leader Maher and one of his close aides, Maher was killed at the scene while his close official was reported severely injured.

The injured close official of the ISIS leader was later announced to have died according to The Washington Post.

Let us learn more about ISIS leader Maher al-Agal and take a closer look at his Wikipedia and age.

Who Is ISIS Leader Killed In Syria Maher al-Agal? Wikipedia

The ISIS leader killed in Syria is identified as Maher al-Agal according to Reuters.

Maher al-Agal does not have a Wikipedia profile for his wiki and bio as the terrorist group’s leader was not much of a person to expose himself to the public.

However, we have attempted to gather much information about the ISIS leader in this article for our readers and viewers.

Maher was considered to be one of the top five officials of ISIS and was responsible for expanding the organization’s connection and establishment outside of Syria and Iraq according to The Washington Post.

As the leaders of ISIS mainly operate from hideouts away from the military and the public’s eye, much information about Maher has not come to the surface yet.

He has also not been covered by news portals and media prior to his death, his name was somewhat unheard of from the outside world despite being one of the top five officials of ISIS.

What Was Maher al-Agal Age At Death?

Maher al-Agal’s actual age at death is not known on the web yet.

Furthermore, there are no images available of the ISIS leader on the internet to make an assumption about his age group.

He could be born in Syria and has worked in the terrorist group since his childhood but we are not certain of the information yet.

Similarly, information about his actual date of birth has also not come into the limelight yet. Making predictions about his zodiac sign and personality is also not possible as of now.

Maher al-Agal Family Details Explored

Maher al-Agal’s family details have not emerged on the internet.

The ISIS leader never revealed anything about his family on the internet yet.

However, he could belong to a family following Islam religion as he was one of the top five officials of the Islamic terrorist group ISIS.

Similarly, the followers of the Islam religion tend to marry multiple wives and he could be also married to multiple partners but information about his spouse or spouses has not come to the surface yet.

Maher could have fathered many children with his partners and his children might also work in ISIS along with their father but we cannot be sure about the information as there are no sources to confirm.

Furthermore, information about his parents or other members of his family has also not come to the surface as of now.