What Is Ahmad Bazzi AOA Estimation Algorithm About? His Linear Algebra Project In NYU Abu Dhabi


What Is Ahmad Bazzi AOA Estimation Algorithm About? Ahmad Bazzi proposed a method for calculating the AOA of numerous sources. Continue reading to learn more about him.

Ahmad Bazzi is a New York University scholar, scientist, and research associate. He is a Youtube lecturer and is originally from Abu Dhabi.

What Is Ahmad Bazzi AOA Estimation Algorithm About? His Linear Algebra Project In NYU Abu Dhabi

Bazzi presently has a popular YouTube channel with over 135 thousand subscribers. As stated on his channel, his content is aimed towards engineers, developers, mathematicians, statisticians, scientists, and curious people.


What Is Ahmad Bazzi AOA Estimation Algorithm About? 


Ahmad Bazzi’s AOA estimation algorithm presents an ideal way to estimate the Angle Of Arrival of multiple sources.

In short, the AoA of a signal is the direction from which the signal is received. 

In Bazzi’s research paper, “On Maximum Likelihood Angle of Arrival Estimation using Orthogonal Projections”, he presents an iterative approach based on orthogonal projections to optimize the Maximum Likelihood cost function.

The advantage of using OPML will provide two algorithms based on OPML, i.e. OPML-1 and OPML, as mentioned on his LinkedIn.

According to Bazzi’s research, the algorithms will exhibit a lower computational complexity. It will also provide faster convergence than existing ML algorithms. More about the algorithm can be read in his publication. 

Who Is Ahmad Bazzi? His Wikipedia

Bazzi is a Research Associate at New York University(NYU), Abu Dhabi since May 2022. He is also a Signal Processing Ph.D. candidate.

According to LinkedIn, he previously worked at the CEVA Inc as a Signal Processing Engineer and a Project leader.

Before joining the CEVA, Bazzi was employed at RivieraWaves where he worked as a Signal Processing Ph.D. student, and at EURECOM.

Talking more about his education, Bazzi has obtained a Doctorate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Telecom France. 

He had completed his master’s in wireless communication (SAR) from SUPELEC in 2014 and obtained his Bachelor’s degree at the Lebanese University. As a researcher, Bazzi has worked and volunteered as a Reviewer for IEEE and has been involved in many workshops. Moreover, he has received a certified license in CISCO.

In 2018, he published he had published his research titled “On Maximum Likelihood Angle of Arrival Estimation using Orthogonal Projections”. 

Is Ahmad Bazzi Married? His Wife Details

Youtube Ahmad Bazzi is married to a wonderful woman named Fathima Mamari. 

The French scientist has been enjoying his conjugal excursion with his wife and family, although has provided very less insight about them.

At present, Bazzi goes by the handle name @drahmadbazzi on Instagram. He has a total of 257 thousand followers on the platform.

Most of his feeds are filled with theories and research material, however, he has shared his only photo with his wife wishing him her anniversary.

As captioned on the photo, Bazzi was married to the love of his life on January 1st, 2022. Similarly, his wife also has an active IG profile with the handle @fatima.mamari, although it has remained on private terms. As seen on her bio, she is currently based in Abu Dabhi.


Ahmad Bazzi  Net Worth Update In 2022

The net worth of Ahmad Bazzi is estimated to be around $2 million USD.

Despite, the fact, that it is only a rough estimation, we have assumed his economy as per his current position and job.

In addition, Bazzi also earns from his rich Youtube channel which has a total of 135 thousand followers at present. 

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