Who is Thatgurlgg1?
Who is Thatgurlgg1? Thatgurlgg1’s Twitter video has gone viral, and everyone is curious about it. Here’s everything we’ve discovered about the viral maggot video that’s going viral on the internet.

Thatgurlgg1 shared a video on Twitter, and it quickly went viral on nearly every social networking site. The video contains content that is only appropriate for adults to watch, and it is so strange that many people have advised others not to watch it if they haven’t already.

Who is Thatgurlgg1? Revy_55 Twitter - Watch The Viral Video On Reddit

On Twitter, it’s also known as the Revy 55 video. A viral video titled TMZ Baltimore and SantoSogerio Maggot had been trending on the internet a few days prior. This is the same video as above, but with a different title.

Who Is Thatgurlgg1?

Thatgurlgg1 is a Twitter user who shared the viral maggot video with his followers.

Twitter suspended the account due to the video’s explicit and “disgusting” content. Thatgurlgg1’s Twitter handle is no longer active.

In addition, we have no information about the user. She is also known to have a TikTok presence.

However, if you haven’t seen the viral video yet, you can find it anywhere on Twitter. Simply look up her video, TMZ Baltimore video, or Santosogerio video.

They are all the same.

Revy_55 Twitter; Watch The Maggot Video On Reddit

Revy 55, whose real name is Revy Lee, is another TikTok user.

Furthermore, the user tweets videos with adult content, and you can view the viral maggot video on Revy’s Twitter handle.

Here’s a link to it.

Furthermore, the video has gone viral on Reddit. Actually, the video was first shared on a Reddit group chat, where it quickly went viral.

What Is Santosogerio Video? Who Are They?

Santosogerio uploaded the video on Twitter a few days ago and his account was blocked as well.

According to people’s views, the alleged person in the viral video is Shamar Mcco. He is a social media influencer based in Atlanta, Georgia. However, he has not confirmed anything about him being in the video until now.

As per sources, the sensual video came out as it was recorded on Live chat. It contains adult content and also a lot of maggots, from where it got its viral name.

‘If you can control your curiosity, I recommend you not to watch it.” A user wrote on Twitter.