Revealed: How just 60% of over-55s have had jabs in Hackney but the rate is close to 90% in parts of Worcestershire and Suffolk… so how many have been vaccinated in YOUR area?

  • EXCLUSIVE: 21 parts of the country have vaccinated less than 70 per cent of their over-55 populations 
  • The national rollout was extended to those aged 55 and above on March 7 and to all over-50s yesterday
  • London boroughs continues to lag behind the rest of the country in terms of their Covid vaccine uptake

London is still lagging behind in the vaccine rollout with some boroughs having inoculated a third fewer people than parts of Staffordshire, where the crucial campaign appears to be roaring ahead.

NHS England figures show 79 per cent of over-55s in the country had at least one dose of the vaccine by March 14 — the most recent day local data is available for.

But MailOnline’s analysis shows this figure is lower in most of London, with just 59 per cent of adults over that age having been given a jab in Hackney — the country’s worst performing council.

In total, 21 parts of the country have yet to hit 70 per cent of over-55s — and 17 of them are in London.

For comparison, the Isles of Scilly has vaccinated 822 of its 876 over-55s — giving it an uptake of 93.8 per cent

— and Stafford, Mid Suffolk and the Wyre Forest in Worcestershire have all vaccinated more than 89 per cent of the cohort.

Uptake figures are based on the latest population estimates by Public Health England’s National Immunisation Management Service (NIMS).

Figures also revealed one in four care home staff still haven’t been vaccinated. The rate is just 62.4 per cent in London.

Officials insist vaccines are divvied out evenly across the country, suggesting poor uptake is to blame. Health chiefs are concerned about high levels of vaccine hesitancy among black and ethnic minorities, fuelled by anti-vaxx messages on social media.

England’s vaccine roll-out was officially widened to over-50s yesterday but a shortfall in the vaccine supply next month is expected to mean millions of over-40s won’t be inoculated until May.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock this week revealed supplies would be used to mop up the over-50s who haven’t already been jabbed, while ensuring Britons don’t miss out on crucial top-ups. Diverting supplies to inner-city neighbourhoods with low uptake rates will stop areas leading the way from moving down the priority list.

It comes as ministers were today scrambling to defuse a standoff with India over the 5million missing doses of AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine, with No10 holding secret talks with New Delhi to get the roll-out back on track.

Matt Hancock yesterday admitted a delayed shipment from the Serum Institute of India was a key factor in shortages that will slow the campaign down next month.

NHS England figures show 79 per cent of over-55s in the country had at least one dose of the vaccine by March 14, but London is significantly lagging behind in uptake

No10\'s vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi got his first dose of a coronavirus vaccination this morning in Lewisham. He was jabbed by NHS England\'s director of primary care Dr Nikki Kanani

No10’s vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi got his first dose of a coronavirus vaccination this morning in Lewisham. He was jabbed by NHS England’s director of primary care Dr Nikki Kanani

MailOnline’s analysis of the latest vaccine statistics shows most parts of the country are well on their way to achieving the target of offering first doses to all over-50s by April 15.

But most of the capital is seriously lagging behind in the roll-out to over-55s, with more than half a million in the age group yet to receive a jab in London.

Uptake was worst in Hackney (59.2 per cent), Newham (60.2 per cent), Kensington and Chelsea (61.1 per cent), Southwark (61.3 per cent) and Westminster (61.4 per cent). Nearly 90,000 over-55s still have to come forward for a jab in those boroughs alone.

On the other end of the spectrum, 35 areas of the country have vaccinated more than 85 per cent of people in that age group.

Following the Isles of Scilly, Stafford, Mid Suffolk and Wyre Forest were the Isle of Wight (88.7 per cent), Wyre (88.3 per cent), Babergh (87.9 per cent), Malvern Hills (87.4 per cent) and Harborough (87.2 per cent).

East Suffolk has vaccinated 88.5 per cent of its over-55s despite being one of the very few local authorities in the country to have more than 100,000 people in the age group.

The data also showed just 64 per cent of carers working in people’s homes have taken up the offer of the vaccine.

Uptake among the group — who work with the most vulnerable people in society — is lowest in Barnet in north London (28.5 per cent), Barnsley in south Yorkshire (29.3 per cent) and Bath and North East Somerset (29.3 per cent).

Dr Nikki Kanani, GP and NHS England’s primary care director, said: ‘The number of vaccines available to the NHS will continue to go up and down week by week and month by month in line with manufacturers’ ability to supply us.